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hogan_njApril 27, 2012

I purchased a rabbit feed called Producers Pride @ tractor supply. It does not say alfalfa pellets in description. It just has a breakdown of crude protein etc. There are other ingred. as well. Also states has salt.

Is this what I want to use on my lawn or did I buy wrong stuff?


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Product Description

SKU Number: 5031593

Manufacturers Number: 46821

Brand: Producer's Pride�

Animal Type: Rabbit

Life Stage: Pre-Adult to Reproducing Adults

Type: Pellet

Package Size: 50 lb.



Please check your store for local pricing & availability. Click here to find your store.

Producer's Pride� Rabbit Feed is a15%-protein feed and the economical answer to producing up to five litters of bunnies per doe per year. Well fortified with essential nutrients, this small pellet helps to minimize waste and maximize intake by adults and young bunnies alike.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min.) 15%, Crude Fat (min.) 1.8%, Crude Fiber (min.) 15%, Crude Fiber (max.) 18.5%, Calcium (Ca) (min.) .7%, Calcium (Ca) (max.) 1.2%, Phosphorus (P) (min.) .4%, Salt (NaCl) (min.) .25%, Salt (NaCl) (max.) .75%, Vitamin A (min.) 3000 IU/lb, Ruminant meat and bone meal free.

Feeding instructions:

Recommendations in oz. of feed per rabbit per day. Feeding rates are based on New Zealand sized rabbit. Adjust accordingly for other breeds. Needs of lactating does may be quite high if nursing large litters.

Mature maintenance/early/mid gestation: 3.0-4.0 (dry does and bucks)

Growing: free choice (bunnies)

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

That's fine. There's only enough salt to attract rabbits to eat it. Alfalfa is a durable plant that produces easy protein without much processing. That's why it is used as a feed. It is not like wild animals would mow it down because it is so tasty. That is why they add salt and/or molasses to make it "palatable". Horses love molasses soaked feed so the larger pellets are almost dripping with molasses.

If this is a feed store you're buying from, ask if they have plain alfalfa pellets the same size for a cheaper price. My feed store has a difference of $3 per bag between regular alfalfa and rabbit chow. I always talk about rabbit feed because more people know what that looks like than alfalfa pellets. Alfalfa pellets for horses are the size of your thumb and not great for home gardening.

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Thanks, getting some rain on tues. nite so I will spread it durning the day. The only other feed they had was the huge alfalfa pellets for horses.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Remember it takes 3 full weeks for the lawn to respond. Reason for that is the alfalfa has to decompose by the microbes and other microbes have to decompose the surface microbes and finally, somewhere in the soil food web, plant food is made. Then, all of the sudden, you'll see the grass convert to really great looking.

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