Calla Lily Questions!

greenleaf1818(z7)December 24, 2005

I got a huge calla lily and plan to grow it in a houseplant (instead of outdoors--I've lots of other plants planned for outside). How do calla lilies do indoors? Do they stay evergreen? I love the flowers, but the spotted leaves are quite pretty too. Just wondering if they stay evergreen (if kept inside, of course) all year long. I don't really like plants losing their leaves and going dormant--*seems* like they're dying!

Also, about how long does a single calla lily flower last? So I know whether my plant has fresh flowers or not...

Thanks for any help!

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seaecho1(SW CA)

I have many of the same questions. I sure wish there were miniature, and/or dwarf callas! I love those leaves! I'm looking forward to seeing the responses.


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The woman I talked about in the Clivia thread is growing a Calla Lily. So far it's doing fine. I didn't see a flower, but the leaves were fine..What I don't know is how long this plant will live..Toni

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I have a canna lily with puple leaves and beatiful orange flowers which I believe was sold under the name of Tropicanna. I had it in a pot all summer, and divided it into two pots now, each with several plants which I have indoors for the winter. Seems both are doing great, both the pot upstairs and the one downstairs which is quite a bit cooler. Just make sure they get more water than most houseplants, I water them at least twice a week. I also have both in a very bright location with indirect sun.

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They can be grown successfully indoors for several years, but they will not bloom before they rest again. These bulbs are from wet/dry climates, so when they have leaves, they like water and food. Once the leaves start to go yellow, allow to dry completely for 6 weeks or so and then repot. It will grow and bloom.

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I believe canna lily is quite different from cala lily in that one is tropical (canna) and the other more temperate.
I plant both canna and cala but am more successful with the former. In fact in Vietnam canna lily is more like weed. Here's a photo of my canna lily.

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Hax, wow, flowers are so pretty, and I love the colors..nice job..Toni

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How long does it take a calla lily planted in a pot to bloom from planting. Also directions for planting in a pot.

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Resurrecting an ancient thread!

Recently a coworker left behind a canna lily. It was looking fine and had blooms - then we realized that the watering globe in it was stopped up and it hadn't been watered for a couple weeks, really. We gave it some water today and cut off the yellow and/or browned leaves.

I think I'm the green thumb in the dept, but I'm not sure how to treat these. There's still a good deal of green leaves left on it so it looks OK with the sickly ones gone, but it seems very pot bound. I was going to get a larger pot and repot it - but should I water it? Fertilize for blooming? Let it go totally dormant? Or do the leaves stay all year if they're inside and watered and it'll just bloom when it wants to? Help!

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Hi, I am new to the calla lilly and brought my first plant.
I would like to know why the flowers and some leaves rotted
and the base. I have the lilly in a pot outside in medium
sunlight and has lots of wood shavings in the pot.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Oddsmakers would favor over-watering as the likely cause. If you stuck it directly into 'medium sunlight' with no acclimation process, there might have been some sunburn issues that, due to foliage being unable to use water in the soil, might have contributed to an over-watering issue, but the later is just a wild guess with nothing in your post to lead me to anything other than the possibility.


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marquest(z5 PA)

Because this is a old post and the original pic is not showing up.....I think to be clear there were two different plants being discussed.

Canna Lily and CALLA LILY

Cannas - This is Canna Tropicana (Full Sun love lots of water)

CALLA LILY (Part Sun easy to to rot if given to much water)

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my plant is outside it had blooms and now there gone and there are like seed pods on it witch i have never seen before what should do just leave it alone thank you

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Sue,

If you could pls. say which of the 2 DIFFERENT plants in the above pix you're talking about, someone might try to be of help.

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