Anyone use Black Beauty Ultra?

jeffwulApril 25, 2012

For seeding and any opinions on it?

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Most of Jonathan Green's mixes are poorly thought out and use mediocre older cultivars. If you want an average mixed lawn, it's no better or worse than what you would typically find in the big box stores. If you want a great lawn, then you would be well advised to use something else.

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Yeah, reading the label was uninspiring, but the guy I like at my garden store was raving about it. The regular TTTF they make on their own had cultivars I've seen on here so I thought it was weird. Especially since it has KBG in it too. Thje more I learn, the more differences of opinions I encounter.

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So the guy at the garden store, the one who was trying to sell you the bag of seed, was raving about it. How curious. It all depends on what was in the bag, i.e. what types of grass and what cultivars they used. There are a few good ones out there, but they are far and few between. If you want to grow tall fescue, then you need to buy tall fescue, and a good current cultivar, not something that was developed in the nineties. If you want a TTTF/KBG blend, then you want one with the same attributes, i.e. good, current cultivars that do well in your area.

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He was saying it was the best, but I thought it was weird because that store has an in-house blend of TTTF that has more recent cultivars that I actually have seen on here. They likely make more money on the in-house blend. Also as you said, I don't think KBG looks good in my fescue yard. It is hard to find good seed. Last year I settled on some okay stuff, no weeds which was good, but I don't love the 2 out of 3 cultivars in it.

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Tiemco, thanks for the responses. I resorted to writing down all cultivars in about 15 different products and found one TTTF mix I'm really excited about. It's a crazy market, Jonathan seed had a local mix that would've been my 2nd choice at half the price of their black beauties. The one I will be using had 4 newer varieties though that have that look I'm going for and test well at the local extension.

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