watermelon perperomia

jduren(5 MO.)December 31, 2012

I purchased the plant mid summer. The leaves are hanging below the pot on the sides. Is this typical or should I be trimming it back? I would like to repot but concerned that I should wait...Thx Jack

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I also have one which spills over the sides as the lower leaves fall off. Have never seen new growth on the stems where the leaves have fallen, so would be careful until you find out for sure. I get new growth quite often coming up through the soil. This post actually can maybe answer another question. I've had my plant about 5 years and it has a growth right now which I have never seen. Two thin tendrils. Anyone know if these are flowers, and if so will they open or remain as they are?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Those ARE the flowers just as they are. It is called a spadix and consists of many numerous but tiny florets arranged along a stem. The male (pollen bearing) flowers are usually arranged towards the top of the spike and the female floral structures at the bottom. Sometimes, the lower part of the stalk is cloaked in a spathe. Think of peace lily as a perfect example of a plant having a spathe and spadix .

If you were to examine one of these little spikes with a good hand lens, you would see all of the little individual flowers. Peperomia bloom quite readily, sometimes carrying numerous spikes at the same time. I think that they are really interesting.

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Hi. Would you share some of your Watermelon Plant with me please. ysickles@hotmail.com. Thank you.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Yoli, it is against GardenWeb rules to ask for cuttings or seeds, even for money or postage. You CAN go into the Plant Exchange Forum, post the name of the plant you'd like and then a list of the plants that you have to exchange.

Be sure to read the special instructions for that forum, first.

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