Please Help with Weeds!!

dologquesnelApril 8, 2014

Hi, I just moved in to a new house, and my backyard lawn is covered with weeds. I am at a loss on how to approach this or what products to use to get the little grass I have growing strong again. I am in Deerfield Beach, FL zone 10.
Watering with sprinklers twice a week 15' per zone. No weed and feed or fertilizing schedule yet... What are your suggestions? I am adding some photos of the different kinds of weeds I have.
Thank you so much!

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more weeds

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another one

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last one

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I must add that I have dogs and barefoot kids running on the grass all day, so I would like a non toxic option, if possible. I am considering hand pulling all the weeds which it would take me a very long time.. and overseeding with argentine bahiagrass?

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What is the preferred grass that you have there already? That will help determine what options can be used (so that the solution doesn't kill your current grass that you want to thrive).

At the same time, go ahead and pull up some of the easier weeds. Make sure to get the roots. Most of all, try to get them before they go to flower and make more seeds.

In my yard, I will eventually use some sprays but in the early spring, when weeds are greener and bigger than the surrounding grass, I usually spend about 20-30 mins doing some weeding. All day weeding gets boring and your arms get tired and you start messing up on pulling weeds, but split it over several days (and eventually weeks and months out of the growing season) and you'll have a yard that starts to look better.

After that, do the preventative maintenance to keep them from gaining a foothold again.

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