Will this be ok?

Lamora(4)December 2, 2012

Hi all, hope your weekend is going well. :)
I gave in, could not stand the smell of the soil of my Thanksgiving Cactus any more, it smelled moldy to me. So I got some 5-1-1 mix made up, washed out the new pot, took the TC out of the old soil, and this is what I found!

hardly any root at all! It looks like she cut off a big stem from the person she got it from and just put it in soil, the big stem has no roots at all! Makes us wonder just how long she had this. Will it grow roots in time? The segments look fine, it just kinda shocked me that it hardly had any roots for as big as it is. or am I just being paranoid.. again.. lol

Thanks in advance

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oh and I had another question too, about maybe putting it outside for cooler air.. how low of a temp can it go before it isn't good for a Thanksgiving Cactus? We are between 40-50F during the day, Is that too cold? Been looking it up and from what I read, not below 60F. Just wondering what you thought of that?

thanks again

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Is that all connected as one plant?

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Purple~~no, there are 2 different plants, the larger stem was kind of wrapped up in the smaller roots, it would have been very easy to take apart if I had wanted to. Didn't want to do that, was afraid of hurting it.

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