Weed identification in bermuda lawn.

Sherm1082April 30, 2014

Hey guys. I'm back with yet another question. I started following the bermuda bible late spring/early summer of last year and had good results. The two steps I missed last year because of when I started was mowing the lawn short when it started to green and applying pre-emergent. This year I did both. I had a somewhat mild poa problem the last couple of years and I give lesco dimension some props. I started applying it last fall and it knocked out pretty much all of my poa this year. My yard was also looking good a month or so ago. While all my neighbors' yards were greening with weeds, my bermuda was slowly waking up and staying weed free. I cut it with my mower on the lowest setting twice. The latest time was a couple of weeks ago. I hit it with some 15-3-7 (I think that's it) fertilizer a week and a half ago and I am starting to see the pictured weed pop up. First it was in my back yard but now it is in my front. I'm also starting to see some clovers in my back yard. What is the deal? What did I do wrong and more importantly how can I start to control it?

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ForsheeMS(Lexington, NC)

Any of the 2-4-D with Dicamba products should take care of the clover and the weed in the photo (sorry, can't ID that one). Lately I've been using the Spectracide brand because it's cheaper. Get a bottle of the concentrate and a pump up tank sprayer and mix it up a gallon at a time and spot spray. I also mix dish detergent in with the weed killer to help it stick to the plant. Apply when you won't get any rain for at least 24 hours and the weeds in question should be dieing out in a week or so.

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Thanks. I may spray it this weekend. It is also my weekend the fertilize. Will doing both be a problem? Also any idea why I would get this weed everywhere and I have been using a pre-emergent religiously?

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Any help with this? I sprayed it a few weeks ago with ortho weed b gon for southern lawns (I highly recommend it) and it started wilting within 24 hours. However, there was so much of it that it will definitely require a 2nd application. It hadn't rained in awhile and the weeds that were left were starting to wilt. It poured down rain all day yesterday and that definitely gave this weed a second wind. The pictures I posted are mild compared to how it is in some parts of my yards. My grass looks great besides this.

One small fact in case this helps with the identification. The one thing I noticed is this weed started growing weeks after other weeds. It required a higher temperature to "wake up" then most other weeds. Any help would be appreciated.

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