Need help re: dracenas (multiple varieties)

msdoodahsDecember 14, 2010

Hi, all. Rec'd a pot (12" across) with multiple dracena plants in it. I don't think this is how it's been growing - they don't seem established - I think this may have been put together as a dracena garden to send to the service. I need to figure out what to do with them.

I searched online and I am pretty sure these are the varieties included:

Dracaena fragrans �Massangeana� which is almost 4 ft tall from the top of the soil line to the top of the plant.

Dracaena deremensis �Janet Craig� maybe 2 ft tall.

Reflexa which is the smallest, about a foot tall.

Marginata, around 3 ft tall.

Dracaena deremensis Warneckii "Lemon Lime" which is around 2 ft tall.

Yes, it's a lovely "arrangement" of live plants, BUT the corn plant is already tilting over and very loose in the pot.

I have not done anything yet - haven't even watered it (soil feels damp to the touch).

Any suggestions on what sized pots to buy? And what kind of pot (plastic or clay for these plants?)

What type of soil for these?

Any suggestions on care will be very much appreciated.



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Msd...first, remove each plant from the container, and discard wet soil.
Check roots to determine size of new pots each Dracaena will be repotted in.
Dracaenas like 'Corn Plant' and 'Janet Craig' will need heftier containers to prevent plants from tipping over. They might need staking.

Plant in a well-draining soil, and pots with drainage holes. Sometimes, a pot within a pot helps keep tall plants from falling, as long as there's something in-between pots, 'styrofoam sheets, brick.'

If you can post a pic of these plants, please do. toni
You might be surprised of root size, after uplifting each plant from their current pot. Especially the Corn Plant.

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