pruning corn plant

james_ny(z7 NY)December 15, 2007

I have a corn plant thats hitting the ceiling. I'm told that if i cut the stem down it will resprout new leaves. Is this true? I've had the plant for over 15 years and i don't want to kill it [it's flowered twice]. It has two stalks , i'd cut one first and if it resprouts do the other.

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yes it's true. just get a substance called rooting horomone. it's usuall a powder. you'll also need a very sharp knife, & fresh dirt. the same pot will be ok, because they like to be rootbound anyway & have a relatively small root area compared to whats above ground.

just decide how many trunks you wanna end up w/ & cut the trunks into several pieces, keeping track of which end is up & which is down. this is important as you don't wanna mess up the plant water drinking abilities.

next stick the down end into water & the into the rooting powder. shake off the excess & plant the end powder & all into the dirt, mounding it up around the trunk to help support itself until roots develop. water plant & leave it int it's usual place in your home.

after a few weeks, you'll start seeing new growth every where you made a cut. by then there will be roots as well.

it won't kill the tree, just give it a new boost on life. i did this to a cornplant, about 10 yrs ago & it's really lovely. was about 5 feet tall & spindly & really uglt looking. now it's got 7 or 8 trunks & is nicely leafed out.\

and 2 of the trunks are ones that grew up which were not orginal trunks. good luck w/ your baby, lil.

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