Anyone buy Thanksgiving Cactus at?

birdsnbloomsDecember 3, 2012

Has anyone ever bought Thanksgiving Cactus at a nursery called Whitton Greenhouses?

If so, were TC's healthy, good sized, fully rooted plants?
Also, were colors true to those in photos on their site?

Whitton's has been around a long time. While browing different nurseries for unusual TC's or, if lucky, true CC, every Nov through Dec I end up at Whitton's.
Problem, I only seek TC's around Christmas. Whitton's stops shipping Oct 31st.

Anyone bought TC's from Whitton? Toni

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I have bought from Whitton's. I got 5 plants last year, and I got a few blooms this fall. They were all true. All the cuttings were healthy and rooted easily.

BUT, you are getting plugs, not plants. Long plugs with lots of segments that you divide into segments and root yourself. From each plug I got 4 cuttings (2 or 3 segments each) which rooted. I also potted the plug, which is rooted and is 2 or 3 rooted cuttings.

If you are expecting a plant like you buy in the grocery store, you will be surprised. But I think it's better than the cuttings I've got from EBay.

I'll check and see if I took any pictures last year. That might explain a little better.

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Here's what my plants look like now. I got them in April. This is Christmas Fantasy, the pot on the left is the plug. I put it in a 3" pot and it grew like a weed, and now looks like what I got in April. Two long rooted cuttings in a very small pot. I got 4 cuttings from it and they are in the 4" pot. I know they don't look so good, but I have killed more TC than I care to think about. I got a bloom and some buds, and I hope for more growth this spring.
Another thing - Whitton's doesn't do orders over the internet, you print their order form, fill it out and write a check. They sent me what I ordered, it arrived in great condition, and all my plants bloomed true. I was especially happy because I got named plants - I was looking for Christmas Flame and Christmas Fantasy, and I was able to get what I wanted.

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Hello 1me.


Are the plugs/roots long? If so, how does each plug fit in a pot? Vertical?

I've ordered cuttings from Ebay in the past..all came bare-root. The sellers rooted in plugs..I don't have pots tall enough, 'except 6" and larger/too wide,' that fit an entire plug.

So, flower colors are true. That's good to know.
Now, if only I remember to order, if I order, TC the months they ship.

However, I don't care for their payment..printing the form, and sending check might be more trouble than buying from a company that accepts PP or CC.
My computer isn't hooked to a printer.

Your TC looks good, healthy. Christmas Fantasy has buds..When did you buy CF?

Are TC's listed the only types they sell?

Thanks for the info...Toni

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Whitton Nursery!!
As far as i'm concerned! you can't go wrong with Whittons.
The have the most reasonable prices ANYWHERE bar none.
True you will be getting plugs but unless you are wanting a lot of small 2 yrs in the making plants then by all means you can break apart and separate them but for a nice plant plant the whole plug in a 4" pot for a couple years then repot into a larger 1.. All their plugs have 2 or 3 stems just put it 1/2" deeper in the dirt and you will have 4 to 6 rooted stems.
Now they won't be shipping now until next spring. I think May.This pic is of a plug i received in late Oct this year. in a 4" pot.This is a ave. size. Some are bigger.but next winter you will have plants like the box stores sell now.
this is Malindi a brite orange

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Hi Cahac...Very nice..Orange is the color I'm looking for.
Has yours bloomed yet, and if so, is the color a true orange?
Many people call red flowers orange, when the color is actually red.

I prefer smaller plants to large specimens..for most plants.

Plugs are fine.

I only wish Whitton's offered other payment plans.
Hopefully, they will this year..Thanks, Toni

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This i is Modesto, it had 3 stems so i put it in a 6" basket planted middle of Oct also. Has a dozen buds on it now.

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My Malindi hasn't bloomed yet but the 1 i bought from W's last fall did get a couple of blooms last yr it was a little lighter shade but still a brite true orange, They also had 1 listed called Orange Devil but no pict.This is a pic i saved from the web as i bought 2 of these this Oct and wanted a reference
Ime, What is the color of the forming bud on your Xmas Fantasy. I had bought 1 last year but gave it to my sister and it bloomed like crazy but i didn't see the bud color.
I bought 2 from Home Depot couple weeks ago that had whitish green to yellow buds so i thought they would be yellow but the older buds started to turn salmon color and 1 has opened enough that it looks like Xmas Fantasy when it opens all the way i will put up a pic.

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Cliff, my Christmas Fantasy had white/green buds with a touch of yellow. When it opened it was salmon or peach. Not a vivid orange or red. Very pastel.
Gold Charm had buds that reminded me of a Peace rose, all yellow with touches of pink. When it opened, it was pale yellow.
Have you ever noticed Christmas Flame? That one has deep purple buds that open to a yellow/gold flower. It is gorgeous. I've killed Xmas Flame twice, and that's why I ordered from Whitton's in April. I had one beautiful bud, but it fell off before it could open. Ah well, better luck next year when it is a stronger plant. Lennie

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Cliff, what a pretty, orange flower.
Perhaps it's the angle but bloom doesn't look like a standard TC/CC. Petals are round.
Which variety is your orange TC?

I notice bud and flower colors differ, too.
Lighter color buds start out white, but once they open, colors are usually pink or light purple.
Darker buds are usually red, dark purple, etc.

Wonder why some TC names will not open at W's? Does it mean 'x' plant is out of stock, or W doesn't have a photo?

Wonder if W's 'Thors' are true to color. Thors sold on Ebay are top price. Even unrooted cuttings are expensive.

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I have 6 different Oranges, from very light to almost a reddish orange, but that 2nd orange pic i put on is't 1 i took it is from the web and as i had bought 2 of these this fall from W's i uploaded the pic for reference. i found 3 different photos and they were all basically same color. This is a Variety called "Orange Devil" W's had them this fall. And the flowers are a more rounded shape about like a white 1 called Bridgeport. and they may have a purple 1 in the spring I assume they don't have Pic of the 1's that don't load up but was told by the owners the only 1's they didn't have at that time was Sleigh Bells and Purple Devil. I wanted a Sleigh Bells so she said she had a nice red called Thor Carmen.
If you are going to order from them, I would call first and ask. They have another listing page of Wholesale only so check that out and if you see anything you might want ASK
won't hurt and they can't bite over the phone.LOL
Lennie this is a pic i took today of the the 1 i think is Xmas Fantasy and i'm pretty sure now. it is pretty true to its color

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goofed on pic again

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