Tea Pot Fountains

toomuchglass(5)July 19, 2009

-- no , I didn't make one - but I WANT TO SO BAD !!!!

I've never made a fountain before - but the lady that makes these mentioned battery operated pumps. Ever heard of that ? Would anyone have any suggestions for building one ?

Check out the pics .... do you think the pebbles go all the way to the bottom of the bowl ? I Don't know how pumps work - do you think the teapot need to have a hole drilled it the bottom ? Nosey Nosey Nosey - me !

Here is a link that might be useful: Tea Pot Fountains

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Barbara Kelly

wow, those are cute! Yes, the pebbles look like they go all the way and there covering up the pump, I think. It also looks like the teapot has been drilled, wish I could get a close up look, and a back view.. I suspect the greenery is there to conceal the hot glue? or whatevers sticking the teapot and cup on.. pricy too...
Very pretty tho.... I want one now, thanks alot! :-)

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I love the idea that she found battery operated pumps. I hope they come in white or clear too. The piece can now be set in the middle of the table. My experience with table top fountains is that the hum of the motor is loud in a quiet room. I quit using mine because the motor hum was louder than the water splashing. Could be that these would be smaller and quieter.

In the larger fountains that recirculate like that, there is a grate that protects the pump and then the rocks are put on top of the grate (strainer).

You would probably need to use CLR to clean the rocks periodically on a table modle to keep mineral deposits from clouding the lovely rocks, marbles, faux ice, ect.

I can see the most wonderful garden tea parties and ladies luncheons using fountains like that on their tables. Being battery operated is what table center pieces have always needed!!!!!

Thank you for posting that!!!

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Those are so pretty, and yes, I'd also love to have one but only if I had household staff who would clean it for me. I've had indoor fountains, as well as a temporary outdoor one, and they require *maintenance*. Just one more thing for my job list and I have learned to say NO to some of those things. Unfortunately.

I think the prices, while not cheap, do reflect that many are sets and some are china and not necessarily just cheap yard sale finds. Pumps cost a bit and there's some work involved and she's doing it to make a profit. Not sure I'd want to do it for less.

Thanks for posting this link, I'll just enjoy the pics!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

those are very pretty! I enjoyed looking. I once received as a gift a very inexpensive fountain with a battery operated pump once from one of dfosterd's boyfriends. The humming was much louder than the water and it was truly annoying. I gave it to the TS (after they broke up) with the batteries in it and a note attached explaining why I was giving it up. i thought maybe someone else could "fix" the little pump.

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Cute! Quite a profit she's making there. These CAN be made for less than $10.00 provided you're using GS/TS finds and get the pumps on clearance (bought one at Michael's for less than $5 and that was the sale price, no coupon).

The pump directions advise using distilled water. If you follow these directions, there's little to no maintence...mineral deposits are [virtually] non-existant. Evaporation is expected but is minimal indoors. Just add a lil water from the [purchased] gallon jug occasionally and that's it.

I run mine in the winter when I'm experiencing gardening withdrawal (lol) and on special occasions as a centerpiece. I don't find it to be a 'chore'. I only need clean it when I put it away for the summer, and even then, there's very little cleaning needed.

All that to say, it's NOT a lot of work if it strikes your fancy!



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Those are delightful. Especially the one called Purple Rose. LOL. But I'd be happy with most any one. Love them. Digs, I did hear that distilled water should be used in the mini fountains. Its been years since I had one on the table, got it at Walgreens on a sale. But it didn't work very good so I never got another. Still I love the idea. So did my cats, instant drinking fountain their size. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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I never even gave a thought to the "noise" of the pump !
I'm glad it was mentioned.

Like Susiewantsroses said -- the pebbles rest on a grate . I thought that might be the case - since the pump would need free running water not blocked by stones. Hey - if we put our heads togther - we can come up with plans for one ! LOLOLLL

******* Another Project on Toomuch's "TO MUCH TO DO" List *****

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Karen, found out the hard way there IS a reason the directions call for distilled water, lol. Funny, I don't have a prob opening the wallet at GW but... buy water?!?!? *sheesh* Some things in life are MEANT to be free! All joking aside, the distilled water made a big difference.

toomuchglass, no grate in either of my table fountains. There's plenty of room for water to circulate around the stones.

I will add this bit from experience...maybe a coincidence? dunno. However, I ended up replacing both of the pumps that came with my fountains. PERHAPS because I refused (initially) to *buy* water, lol. In any event, the 2 pumps I bought at Michael's were WAY quieter than the ones that came w/the fountain kits.

'Course my lil unintended experiment is not conclusive. Just sharing my experience. And yes, Karen, I have to refill my fountains with $ water rather more frequently than the average person, as my cats think they are ENTITLED - they assume the fountains are specially for them. Spoiled rotten lil fuzzballs!!



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Marlene Kindred

Soooo pretty!! Thanks for posting it...hmmm...I didn't realize they made battery operated pumps...may have to check on those.

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

All I have seen with battery operated pumps have the battery outside the water area....and the wire running from the battery compartment to the pump in the water...so I would suggest that the plants cover the wire and the batteries are sitting behind these bowls. I am looking for some solar powered pumps for one of my outside fountains. But not in a hurry to do this summer. Yes you have to have a hole in the bottom or side of the pitcher for the water tube to run into it....and silicone it in on the inside and out...it pours into the cup and it pours into the bowl and recycles...Watch them cause they will run out of water quickly in the heat.

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

oops have to eat my words, they have submersible pumps.....a bit big I would think tho....


Here is a link that might be useful: accessories

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Been wanting to try the solar powered pump too. I've read mixed reviews but nothing that would stop me from trying it if I could find one. Please do share if you get one and let us know how you like it.

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Very pretty! Lots of good info from everyone on pros and cons. I never have had an indoor fountain. My DH takes care of our outdoor one. Thanks for posting.


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Digger, I didn't know they had pumps at Michaels. How did I miss them when I tend to go up and down nearly every aisle? LOL. Hmmm, I may try another table top fountain afterall. I sure love the sound of bubbling water, find it very soothing.

hugs, Karen

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I've made several tabletop fountains for various events. One was a teapot fountain. I started with a big basket and a plastic basket liner to hold the water. Yes, you need to drill a hole in the bottom of the teapot. Then, run tubing from the pump through the hole in the teapot.

You have to wire the teapot to a stake or something and wire the stake tightly to the basket so it doesn't tip over.

I put a piece of oasis in the basket liner and put a saucer and teacup on top of the oasis lined up so the water would pour from the teapot spout to the teacup. As the teacup filled, it overflowed into the saucer and then into the basket liner below. I hid the pump behind the oasis and twined artificial greenery around the stake, the edge of the basket and all the mechanics. I added fresh flowers to it as well. It was really pretty. Oh, I used cold coffee as the water that was pumped...it is more colorful than tea.

Another one I made was for a friend's wedding. Her husband was a fisherman in Alaska. I also did it in a basket. I cut some bare twigs and spray painted them white and then sprinkled them with glitter. I put some white Christmas decoration leaves around the top edge of the basket, then spray painted the basket, the white leaves and basket edge with artificial snow. I attached battery-operated white lights to it, hiding the wiring in the white leaves, then also sprayed more artificial snow to help hide the light wires completely. I attached the twigs to represent the tree line along the back edge of the basket. I had some big frosted glass chunks that I put in the basket liner. When I added the water, they looked like icebergs. I put 2 tiny ceramic polar bears on one of the icebergs. Water was pumped like a waterfall over the icebergs. I put some dry ice in the back, so it had a foggy mist over it.

Their wedding colors were siver and blue, so I added a big silver and blue bow to the handle of the basket with long "tails" hanging across the snow scene.

I've had a lot of fun with indoor fountains, and they're really easy to do once you've figured out the simple mechanics of it all. Just be sure you have a basin deep enough to cover the pump with water or you can burn the fountain out. I wish I had photos to share!

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desiderata(#8 Puget Sound)

I think that the tea cups could also be stacked, the same as a tipsy pot...with a larger tube,encasing a narrower dowel, to stick from the top cup, to the bottom cup, depending on how many..I think 3 should be fine...
and the water would cascade, to the one below, and the one below that....
and some of those bowls were kinda plain, in that bunch of pictures...they needed to be more colorful, with more organic things in them,like sticks and larger rocks...
now I think I'm going to have to gather supplies for one.
luckily, I can paint the pieces, then fire them...make some really quirky designs....

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Diggery, I have a solar powered pump and it works PERFECTLY!
Even has a timer set up so I can put it on during the time I'm in that part of the garden - also saves the battery from over use since it has to rely on the sun for power. Got it on ebay for less than $40 which is a bargain since here, in the stores, they start at $60.
I think that would be something cute in the garden and then ya wouldn't have to worry about having distilled water or not.

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Love the idea of a tippy teapot fountain! Can't wait to see your creation.

Thanks, cait1 for the info on solar pumps. Didn't know you could get them with timers, a definite plus. I'm on the hunt now =]

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I would make mine out of white with red trim enamelware. Pure country. Thanks for the link. Those were really neat.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Wow those are really pretty.........not $50.00 pretty but pretty none the less. These are soooooooooo easy to make. My DH makes the bigger outside fountains and I have helped him. Pumps can be bought reasonable cheap on e-bay. Also do a search on the web and see what pops up. Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Lowes and Home Depot (at the end of the season), sometime you can find a mini fountain at yard sales or goodwill, etc, just take the pump out and use it. Have never tried the battery ones but will track some down. A hole is drilled in the bottom of the teapot and a plastic tube is inserted from the pump to the teapot, when it bubbles over it spills into the teacup which in turn bubbles over into the bowl and the cycle continues. The stones are decorative and you can use anything you wish in their place. As far as the pump being noisy, try wrapping the pump in a sponge but be sure not to cover the inlet hole.

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I am sure fountains could be made out of anything...a fish shaped pitcher pouring into an old galvanized tub...came to mind...for a quick garden pond.

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texann(z8 Austin)

I found these instructions for making the tea pot fountains. Hope this will be helpful to you. They are cute.

I also found some battery operated fountain pumps but am not sure what size you would need for these little fountains.

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