11/30/12 New Additions

birdsnbloomsDecember 2, 2012

We went to Home Depot because DH needed screws, and I had to buy 1, 20" plastic saucer. Afterwards, we then stopped in Walgreen's for powdered aspirin, better known as BC's.

Okay, so we stopped in HD's gh, my idea. :)

I looked around..Believe me, there were fairly decent selections, including variegated Holly..too bad it's not hardy to z5..It'd make a striking plant in the garden! Braided Azalea, Calatheas and Crotons.

So, ended up with two plants, 'to decorate for Christmas.'

Thanksgiving Cactus..Flowers looked paper-pink in the store, but I still say they have false lighting.

Cylclemen. I had a Cyclamen that lived about 4 years, but died this spring. I don't expect this guy to be long-lasting..

The Walgreen's we stopped at was a first time visit. We usually go to Walgreen's closer to our house..I 'really' went in for BC's, but came out w/this..
This succulent, and a few other plants were placed on the side of the cash regester. If I hadn't looked back, I'd never have seen plants..
I don't know what type of succulent it is..Aloe, Agave? But different from any Aloe's or Agaves in my collection.

What threw me off about the succulent was base of trunk. I have several Aloes and Agaves, none have bases similiar to this unknown plant.
If anyone has name/species, I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks, Toni

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Your 3rd plants looks ALOT like my Agave geminiflora 'twinflower', except mine is a little bit bigger. I really liked the way it grows in the middle, like a pretty pattern....I guess they get quite big. I hope this is helpful in your answer for what it is, sorry if I'm wrong. I found mine at lowes a few months ago.


Here's pic of mine-

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Very pretty!! Congrats on the new additions. My leopard lily, dieff.plant has a sprout. Im super excited!!!

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Hey, FPT...Yes, your plant and mine do look alike...But, I didn't want another Agave..lol.

Are these two the same as your Agave?

I hope it's a different Agave. Don't want two of the same plant, let alone three.

I like your Agaves leaves. They look thicker and rounder than mine.

Hey Tiff..Congrats on your sprout..Have a pic to share?

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Hey, FPT...Yes, your plant and mine do look alike...But, I didn't want another Agave..lol.

Are these two the same as your Agave?

I hope it's a different Agave. Don't want two of the same plant, let alone three.

I like your Agaves leaves. They look thicker and rounder than mine.

Hey Tiff..Congrats on your sprout..Have a pic to share?

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To All Interested Parties..

There will Be a PA Meeting (Plants Anonymous)in this thread
on Monday December 3rd, 2012 at 6:00PM EST..

Seek Help! There ARE Answers! :-)


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Well Toni!!!! You know what to do when you have doubles of the same plant!!?

Send them my way!!lol
Looks like you have been sinning a lot these days..lol

Lolol...Too funny Dead!

Now Toni, didn't you tell us the other week that you were done with getting more plants? Well, from the looks of those, I can see why you couldn't contain yourself and self restraint went right out the window...lol

Beautiful !

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looks like you got the same plant again...I guess getting doubles on accident start to happen when we have too many plants LOL.

I also like your white TC, I want one this year...I was hoping that Walmart would get their hanging baskets for $12 again this year like last year, but I havent seen them yet...

I just got paid this weekend and I usually go on a plant buying spree, but I only got 2 small plants this time since I have to save money for Christmas, then I have my kid's b-days in Jan. and Feb., so no new plants for me til March...I may start having withdrawals LOL.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

OMG!! I about chocked on my coffee!! Tooo Funny DeadheadRI!! ROFL!!!!

Nice plants Toni~ So the recent Jade wasn't enough to keep you happy? ;-)

I can't afford plants right now, but did treat myself to Choc. mint and an apple mint to add to our drinking water. ;-)


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Charlie, ROFL.

There goes that sense of humor again..lol

Okay Mon, Dec 3, 6pm..hey, that's tonight! BYOB.

Mike, looks that way, doesn't it? Sinning, I mean.

You know the old cliche, do as I say not as I do. lol

Last week I didn't get any plants..the truth. Or was it the week before? Heck, I don't remember.

FPT...What a disappointment! When I saw the succulent/Agave, leaves looked thicker and rounder than my other two Agaves. The base seemed to differe, too.
I still need to check my older Agaves. I PRAY there's some difference..

Thanksgiving Cactus aren't sold here much anymore.
HD, Walmart and two grocery stores used to display numerous color flower TC, but no longer.

This year, Jewel's grocery had half-a-dozen, all medium pink. I phoned Ace Hardware..the employee said all they have is pink. HD had 2 colors in 4" pots..pink and I guess, white, 'though it looked light pink in the green house.' They also had three 10" baskets with slightly darker pinks.
Haven't been to Walmart, the last few years, they didn't have any TC. Since our closest store remodeled, there's very few of any type plant.

Most stores are stocked with red Poinsettias. If one likes red Poins, they're everywhere. They're beautiful, but I usually pass them up. I can't keep Poins alive like some here.
Last winter I bought a beautiful, variegated leaf Poin, but as usual it died..

I think, come spring, instead of keeping TC in individual pots, I'm going to pot several in hanging baskets. I did this before, but cannot recall the reason I re-repotted them back in individual pots.

Which two small plants did you buy?

Oh boy..Christmas, then B-Days! Too close together.

You wrote, "I may start having withdrawls.'

Remember, tonight is the PA meeting, sponsered by Charlie.
We're all invited. :)

JoJo. Charlie is funny!

Oh brother, I forgot about the Jade..lol.
I guess the secret is, stop buying plants, gradually.. :)

How do you add mint to your drinking water? That's interesting. Umm, choc mint sounds good. Actually both flavors do.

Thanks to everyone here...Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Toni, not sure I am reading your post right, you bought a plant at a Walgreens? Is that normal for your Walgreens or any Walgreens? Only been in them a few times but they all seem the same building, the only windows are small and very high on the side walls. With the tons of fluorescent lights, it's probably an OK place for plants but a serious lack of focus for a drug store, if you ask me.

Love the TC! What beautiful flowers!

It may be time for an intervention, if you're not sure if a new plant is different or not... but I know the drill. It *seemed* different in the store when you looked at it...

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi All!
So the meeting is tonight? ;-)
I take a few inch cutting, gently fold each leaf to 'crack' it to release the flavor, and drop it in a glass of ice water. After about 10 minutes, it becomes flavored! It's so refreshing!!

Our walgreens has a rack of succulents too. No, they don't get enough light, but like anyone else, (lowes, HD, walmart) they could care less, they will get credit for those that don't make it, and the vendor will make a killing on the ones that do sell. Many don't even have drainage holes. :-(

Our Frys food store had a neat plant last night, possibly an orchid? Common name was 'Star of Bethleham" dont remember the actual name of the plant.
Tons of Christmas Cacutus/ Thanksgiving Cactus too.


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Purple. Some Walgreen's, 'yep, you read the name right,' sells plants, others don't.
Our closest and mostly visited Walgreen's gets basic plants every so often. Spiders, Draceana, etc.
They usually have Lucky Bamboo in glass containers.
But, the closest Walgreen's, remodeled, and increased prices..for all products..over-the-counter medications, cleaning products, etc.

As for Walgreen's plants, our closest store charges 1-3.00 more than the Walgreen's we stopped at Friday night. Again, not only plants and plant related supplies, but items one would normally buy at a pharmacy.
In the future, I will no longer shop at the nearest Walgreen's. Wish there was a site to leave feedback.

Purple, thanks...white TC.

Yep..ever buy furniture/appliences? Products look MUCH smaller in the store. Get it home, it takes up an entire room! lol.

Same concept with plants. Especially succulents.

Are you attending the intervention? lol

JoJo...Great idea. Problem is I don't grow herbs.
I've heard people make tea w/Hibiscus flowers. I'm a tea drinker, but wouldn't know where to begin.
Ever try Hibiscus?

I Googled Star of Bethlehem plant. Did it have white flowers? If so, the latin name is Ornithogalum nutans.
A bulb plant..One site says it's perennial, another said the plant grows from bulbs that are renewed each year.

One trick HD had going was selling garden plants as house plants..A new gardener is likely to buy an annual/perennial unknowingly. When the plant dies, the customer takes the blame.

HD also had several, small conifers, that will not survive indoors.
Amaranthus is bloom.
Moss that NEEDS a terrarium.
Holly...green and variegated..label didn't mention hardy zone.

Did you see any rare TC's colors at Fry's Foods?

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Welcome to the very First Garden Web PLANTS ANONYMOUS MEETING! (PA)

We're here to Help!
Please feel free to join our group!
By Sharing.. You are Caring!!!

We Will get to the ROOT of your Problem!

We will find from where your Problem STEMS!

Once you join, You Won't Want to LEAVE!

Let's Get Down to the Nitty GRITTY MIX!

For IMMEDIATE HELP, Please call our HOT HOUSE line at 511

After the meeting.. coffee will be served in the GREENHOUSE!

Who wants to start??? Don't be afraid.. :-)


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Hi, my name if Tiffany. I am a plant addict. It started just a few months ago when i aquired a few plants from a relative passing. I needed help and met a fellow PA over at Daves Garden. He then directed me here to the king, Al.

From there I began making frequent trips to the local Walmart for "groceries", where my cart always found its way in the garden department. My FIL needed a set of keys made and I jumped at the opportunity to go to Home Depot to wander into the plant dept.

I find myseld now making accessories for the plants. I am now making sure they get good water and they also have special lighting.

I dont see an end in my future. I fear this will only get worse and bigger as time goes on.

Thanks for listening.

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Thank you for Sharing, Tiffany.
That took a lot of Courage on your part..

I too, uhhh.. uhhh.. well.. I Too find myself finding any reason to go to Walmart, circling around the first two lanes of the parking lot, so I can park near the Plant Entrance.. even when it may add several thousand steps to my shopping..

Sometimes.. people stare at me..

Glad to get this off my shoulders..


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

"Yep..ever buy furniture/appliences? Products look MUCH smaller in the store. Get it home, it takes up an entire room!" Ha! I used to work in a furniture store and I would tell people not to worry, the delivery guys have a room stretcher.

But you're right, these plants are much smaller outside. There's some bad magic in these doorways that causes plants expand when carried through.

I don't need an intervention. You can still walk through most rooms in here!

I had no idea about Walgreens. I'm not going to hunt one down, but it's good to know some of them have plants.

Deadhead, is there no cash register in the garden section of "your" WM? I try not to buy anything but plants there but if I do need something else, I usually get that first, then head to the plants and pay for whatever I have there 'cuz like you said, that's where I parked. The walking is good for you!

Speaking of WM, they're crazy. Last week I bought Thanksgiving cactus on clearance. Yesterday, there was a whole new batch at regular price. The only thing I could figure is that this new batch had a lot more buds on them.

Jojo, there is a white orchid called 'star of Bethlehem.'

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Charlie, you and Tiff are too funny. ROFL.

Sorry I couldn't attend PA meeting, but I was shopping for plants. You know how long browsing takes? :)

Anyway, although I vowed, once again, not to add new plants in 2012, after seeing Sans Whitney, I went to Hirt's Green House, accidently found, placed in cart and bought one. Only 1 plant. There's many more I'd like to get.
Besides, how large can S. Whitney get, right? Sans don't take much room, so I won't count it as a whole plant.

However, this IS it.

When Dh sees my CC statement, he'll probably cut in half..Thank God for Paypal..")

Charlie..only two people admitted plant addiction problem.. (PAP) hardly enough for an intervention.
Since Meyer Mike didn't join, I feel I do not have a problem... :)

BTW...you did a wonderful job typing out the invitation. Good enough for publishing. Ever considered writing a comic column?

Purple. Our Walmart always had a cashier in the plant dept.
Like you, before browsing plants, 'when plants are/were available,' I'd shop for other items first, then last stop was the plant dept.

At least your WM is getting more TC shipments. Our store used to, but it's been about 3-yrs since they sold TC's and EC's.

I'm certain you're right..You got your TC half price from a previous shipment. Newer, 'more buds' TC's will cost regular price...

Did your WM have any rarer colors?

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Hmmm.. When she should have been at the Meeting, Toni was out buying Plants.. "Just ONE though".. Worse case than I thought.
Toni, you remind me of an old favorite uncle of mine. It was 'suggested' that he start to attend AA meetings, but more often than not, he could be found at the bar..

I see Mike has devoted an entire ROOM to his addiction.. Uhhhh..I mean HOBBY! Yeah, that's it.. Hobby.

FPT.. Withdrawals? Hmmm.. Interesting. Remember the 24 hour Emergency Call number.. 511.
At my WM, You walk into the plant room from the parking lot, with the register being in the next room with seasonal items, so if you are walking from the store end, you cant get to the plant room without paying for items at the register first. An Odd arrangement.

It's true Toni that Only 2 people admitted to having "The Problem", but that's Par for the Course. the first step in the process is admitting the problem, and that you are helpless to control it. Obviously, the bulk of you are Not there yet.. :-(

Purp.. You dont need an Intervention, but you state that you notice how much room there is available where plants could 'possibly' go? Please Re-read the above paragraph.

I was over at PATSP, and saw that Mr. Subjunctive has over ONE THOUSAND plants? We may need the Bus. *sigh*

I'll admit that I worry about our new friend Tiff.. I feel like the guy who says to the girl he takes to the Prom, "Hey, did you ever Smoke One of These?" Now she's off and running..

One admission of my own would be that I woke up at 330am this morning, and somehow found myself reading the Ficus thread, as Al included a link to Ficus IV.. there's a Root over Rock Scheff in there that is Pure Plant Pornography.
I am weak.
I looked over at one of my Scheffs. It immediately jumped behind the Aloe and tried to hide.

You are Not Alone, my friends.

I should feel Jaded about all this. But if I say that Too Loudly, Josh will toss me in Gritty Mix and Whack me!

And I'm still too damned Cute for that..


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Oh, can I join in without having to divulge my name??????

Let's just say that I almost came close to buying a Cameleon today for my greenhouse, and if it were not for this meeting, I would of done so.
I must admit that I have now filled my house, greenhouse, shed, yard, and my garage with almost every type of plant that I like. Now what to come up with for my temple? ......lol

If it were not for this meeting, I would of gone out to Logee's or my local Orchid nursery today and spend my leftover 20 dollar bill from the weekend. Probably would of added a monkey or two for good measure in my jungle too.Thanks

How many here stayed away from even looking at plants to buy today? Toni?


This post was edited by meyermike_1micha on Tue, Dec 4, 12 at 20:38

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hey, Toni, I don't know what are normal/rare colors for TC, so I don't know. All of the buds on the plants I got fell off except the one big one which did bloom. The little fallen buds were fuchsia and peach colored (separate plants.) It was hard not to buy some from the new shipment but if the buds are going to just fall off, who cares how many there are? Whine!

Walked right by the Poinsettias too, a faux show of willpower since all they had is red and those just don't do anything for me.

If I don't need an intervention yet, I'll keep collecting... How can I not unless I stop coming by here? If I cross the line of online ordering, please intervene! But OK, I admit... I asked on the Gulf Coast forum where people shop... WM looks like it's going to be completely boring until spring... Is thinking "anyplace within 2 hours' drive would be worth visiting" really any different than online? Barely...

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Charlie..It's always a pleasure reading your humorous posts. :)

You're so funny..Read Charlie's post, end up smiling.

Yes sir, just one plant..could have been a lot more. Hirt's has sooo many varieties..plants I for one never saw let alone addopted.

Charlie, thanks. I remind you of your uncle..lolol..

As a matter of fact, I admit having a problem..lol. On the other hand, it's a hobby. We don't travel, go out much, and I sure don't spend a fortune on clothing or other materialistic items.
So, might as well buy now, right? Who knows, there might be a time adding new plants won't be an option.

With the Economy, ya know? Good excuse, right???

Or, I could blame Society for my plant, add, um hobby...:

Mr. Sub has over 1000 plants! You're kidding, right?
It's been a couple/few years since he and I talked..back then, Mark had a few dozens or so..
He once sent two plants..An Aglao and yellow, either Pothos or Philo.
I still have the Philo/Pothos, but my bratty bird ate the Agalo, which I loved, and never again saw for sale.

Mark, you go, man!

Yep, Tiff IS off and running..running to buy more plants..lol.
But, who can blame her..She's now a GW friend...when one visits here, tempation is impossible resisting.

"while visions of plants danced through her/our head/s."

Moreso when pics are posted..Wait until she adds rarer specimens. And spring! lol

3:30am, huh Charlie?? Dreaming of Ficus trees??
How many people are on GW that early? Or late for some?
Which saying is more optimistic..too early or late? The glass is half empty/half full?

Plant porn, huh? Now I know the real reason you woke at 3:30...lol

Plants on rocks/wood are gaining popularity. I had an Anthurium on rock..it lived 3 yrs than kapoot.

Charlie, nobody wants to be mixed and whacked! Only in the movies.

Hey Mike..Will a Chameleon eat plants? Better research before adopting.
A Chameleon would look good in your desert plant area, 'as long as it doesn't munch away.'
There goes your beautiful Jades..

Mike, your last 20.00 bill. Save it until you find a plant you 'must have.' lol.

Mike, I don't understand your question..lol.

Purple. Most nurseries/Ebay list Thanksgiving Cactus and Christmas Cactus..Don't know the reason.

Rare...Google CC or TC 'Aspen.' Aspen IS rare and very costly. There is or was an Aspen on an Ebay auction. Check its beauty and price..

Aspen flowers looks nothing like TC/CC/EC..they're usually pink or white..
If the first Aspen sold on Ebay, '3-yrs ago' wasn't named, I'd have never known it to be a TC, but foliage pretty much gives it away..

Other rare TC's are certain 'Thors.' OMG, Thors colors are brillant. One I like is Burnt orange w/silver inner flowers. Thor Vida. AWWW!
Another is Brazil Samba, something like that.
In other words, these TC's are not found in the average nursery. At least not here in IL. Can't speak for other states/countries.

Many 'Christmas' and 'Dancer' varieties are beautiful, also w/bi-color blooms. Thor flowers are larger than other types.

Red Poins are well-stocked in every store. I too walk past w/o a second glance. They're pretty, but I'd rather not buy a Poin.

Purple..too funny you asked where ppl shop on Gulf Coast Forum..lol.
In the past I've gone to the Fl Forum to ask the same question. lol

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Very nice Toni! If you dont want that Agave Ill take it ;)

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Larry, if there was an easy way to ship, I'd send the medium size Agave.
I have no idea how to ship overseas.

In fact, I just received a plant from Thailand..it took a little over a month to arrive..the poor plant, (orchid) looks bad..It's sitting in water.

Anyway, the seller does all the paperwork/certificate. I wouldn't know where to start..
Unless you know another way...???

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Evening kids..
I was on the Hirt's site last night but really didn't fall in love with anything..
My late, late, late night adventure this morning was about Christmas Cactuses. Cactuses? Cacti? Those things that ain't Thanksgiving Cactus.. The search button is my friend.
Did everybody see the $100 Craig's List CC? Liked it.

Yeah.. 330 am Toni.. At my age.. Plants!

With Al's blessing, I may even find a way to print out a pic of that ROR Scheff to hang in my 'Plant Corner'... Maybe my other Scheffs will get some ideas as to what they want to be when they grow up?

Just stopped by Mr Sub's site again. As of 12/05/12.. 1043 plants! I'm deeply concerned.
What other plant sites do you folks visit besides here? I follow Liza over at Good to Grow.. nice girl. crazy like the rest of you.. :-)

Was out with son today. Dropped stuff off at the Laundry.
Saw a huge cactus there and asked the owner what it was. She said it was a Christmas Cactus started from a single leaf in 1993. It had very long leaves.. articles.. whatever they are on it.. not at all like my TC.
I wanted to say it wasn't a CC, but I didn't for a couple of reasons..

1) She's a friend of mine.
2) When she gets around to it, she'll give me a cutting.
3) She has my clothes and I don't want her mad at me when
she has my clothes!

*sigh*... Plant people..


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Charlie, are you a night owl or an early bird?

I used to stay up until all hours..I got sick in July, so changed my schedule. Now I'm up between 6-8am.

Not much happening online in the am hours..except browsing, YouTube and spending.
Believe me, I've purchased plants around 3am hours. lol

Charlie, how could you browse Hirt's without finding any interesting plants?
Hirt's has a Coffee plant, 'not arabica, it's Nervosa.'
I've held back purchasing because in the item description, I read it to mean the plant was small.
I once bought nervosa from an Ebay seller..Upon arrival, nervosa was about 3" tall. It died within days. Same seller usually sent good-sized plants, so what a disappointment!

Charlie..I went to Craigslist. Which state/city was the CC located?
Don't worry, I have NO intention on spending 100.00 or even 20.00 for a CC/TC. I'm curious if it's a true CC and why so much $.
I checked RI, but didn't see a 100.00 CC. I also looked at IL.
One seller has a TC for 50.00! Seller calls it Christmas Cactus when it's really Thanksgiving Cactus.
When will people learn? Maybe they don't want to.

LOL, placing pics near plants so they know what they should look like when they grow up...hehe.

Charlie, I can't believe Mark/Mr Sub accumulated so many plants! lol. I'd like to say howdy to him, but he hasn't been around GW for years.

Is Good to Grow a plant forum?

When I was a member, I'd stop at Dave's Garden. Also joined a Clivia forum a couple years ago, but haven't been back since.

Reading feedback on Gardenwatchdog is entertaining.

Since I'm a music lover, I usuall watch vids/listen to music on YouTube. Big, Beatle's fan...

Charlie, three excellent reasons you shouldn't correct woman at the laundry mat. lol.
Reason #3, ROFL.
Wonder what type of cactus she has? Did you happen to snap a picture of her plant? Is it tall? Maybe she has Epiphyllum?

*Sigh* Plant people?
Are you not a plant person? You have to be, otherwise you would never be a GW member. lol.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Hello, My name is Stush. I don't have a problem. My wife says I do. Worse, she said if and when I die, my plants all go with me that day. Hope the cemetery has an extra plot beside me.
Still got the shakes and a 20 dollar bill is burning a hole in my wallet.

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Hi guys..

Night Owl OR Early Bird? Both! I only sleep for a couple hours..then up for a few, then sleep for a few.. Rinse and Repeat.. I blame the meds..

At the Hirts site, all I saw were Dinosaurs and other things that didn't interest me.. very small plants. Luckily for me, I keep my likes to the basics.. Scheffs..Jades.. Pothos.. Aloe..Sans..etc. I Did grow a rather exotic plant a few years back, but my cousin smoked it. :-(

Toni..Emailed you about that $100 CC over at C&S.. Nice!

As for Mr. Sub (dammit, now I'm hungry).. I like his blog. A bit beyond my scope, but entertaining, and I love his 'Difficulty Ratings' he's around, since you know him well, why not jump over and say hi? I found him through a link over at Good-to Grow.
G2G isn't a plant forum, but Liza has a Commercial/Residential plant care business, blogs daily about plants in a down-to-earth manner. I get daily Emails from her blog.. a picture, a story, an update etc.
And she's a complete nut! Look at the plants she keeps at home.. reminds me of a bunch of you guys.. Tell her you know me. She's a friend of Mr. Sub's too.

Beatles? For me.. Grateful Dead.. Rolling Stones..60's.. I'm a child of Woodstock. Richie Havens signed my lyric book!

Picked up clothes today, but Donna wasn't there and I didn't think to take a picture. I'm guaranteed a cutting so maybe we'll All have some of whatever it is.. It's not very tall, maybe a foot? Never blooms because of the 16 hours of light per day and very warm interior temps at the laundry.

I don't think she has Epiphyllum. She DID have a bad cough two weeks ago though, and a fever. Took a few days off.. :-)

Plant People...


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Charlie do I dare look at any other sites regarding plants? Look what happened to me here!! ;-) although I could use another source to read at 4 am when Luke wakes up and I have no new news from here. LOL

I havent forgotten about your present. Been real tired and lazy lately. Luke isnt sleeping all night anymore and I feel like I want to pull my hair out and pluck my eye balls. Now they are both sick, bad sick. All from going to this gym for gymnastics and cheering. They have an area for preschoolers and during the days a few times the kids can play on the trampolines and run around there like a nut playing on mats and stuff. It WAS a great outlet for Jake since its too cold to go outside... But not so smart parents bring their sick kids there and my boys picked something nasty up. UGH!!!! Anyway I will do it this week. :) i am excited to do it, just soo damn tired anymore. I so need a break. My mom is 2 hours away though and my in laws... Well lets just leave that one alone. I could fill a book with that subject.

Anyway, WAY off topic. I hope someday I have plants where ppl ask for cuttings :)

Have a good night all.

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Mornin Tiff..

Yes! Read all you can! These days I find it easier to read on the puter, with its bright background, as opposed to books.

Liza is a nut. You'll like her. There's No forum.. it's a blog with daily updates. Lots of interesting stuff there. I Emailed her that I mentioned her name here and that you and a few others would be stopping over for a look. Cruise the site, read the current and older posts.. always something interesting going on.

Take your time with the hanger. It'll look grate on the hook coming out of the rough sawn pine. (Old house!)

I know what you're going through with the kids. I was the one who woke up when they made the slightest noise. they were good bonding moments for a busy Dad though.
Sorry the kids are sick. the RI flu season seems to be in Full Swing here, and everybody is catching something.
My youngest (24) is just getting over it, and I Always seem to have something going on.

Outlaws! Always tough to deal with. My ex SIL still calls all the time with the problem of the day or week, but I no longer have to deal with my Monster-in-Law which is the trade off I guess.

Won't be forever Tiff.. hang in.

You DO have plants for cuttings! When Marley grows up a little, I'll want a cutting, and the same goes for my variegated Pothos. I'm sure some of it will end up in PA.. in warmer weather.


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This is a little off topic, but I can't search a past posting. Toni, about a year ago someone challenged you to name a potting soil that actually had real soil in it and you came up with 4 names. Can you tell me what they are/were? I can't find a posting with that subject, and I'm sure it was on 'Houseplants'.

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Oh Stush, lol.
If you're familiar with the Beatle's song, Ballad of John and Yoko.

John sings, "Lastnight the wife said, Oh boy when you're dead, you don't take nothing with you but your soul. Think!"

Meds make you wake and sleep? Weird.
Lastnight I slept a little less than 5 hours. Because of 'lack' of meds. lol. Need knee replacement, pain wakes me all night long.

Charlie, you probably didn't check all Hirt's house plants and succulents.
They're plants aren't small.
The dinosaur and plant is like buying any other planter.

I got this plant Thurs or Friday from Hirt's..It's not small...

It's Sansevieria Whitney..$14.00...not bad.

Exotic meaning you grew weed/s.

Got your email..replied back...didn't you get my return email??

Never heard of Good to Grow, but I'll Google the name, see what pops up..thanks.

LOL, I partied w/the Dead, love/d the Stones,Jefferson Airplane, but The Beatle's are my favorite....
AW, I figured your screen name had something to do w/the band.

LOL...Maybe Donna had a fever because of her Epiphyllum?? Epi probably had a virus..contageous ya know?

Tiff, sorry about you and your kids..I hope they're okay. Yes, people always let sick kids go to school/public places..idiots!

Hi Woebegonia!! Glad seeing you. Hope you're well.
You're probably thinking about 'Hyponex.' It was rich, black soil, no amendments..since, they now add other ingredients. However, I found a similiar soil 'for tropicals,' very rich and fertile called, 'Earthgro Potting Soil.' I love the stuff, but can't recall where it was sold. lol. When I find it, I'm going to buy 4 bags. Toni

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Looks like it will be at Walmart and Home Depot when back in stock, I hope this means your area . . . .

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Got your Email Toni.. thanks.
$20.00 for 4 segments of CC? That's Crazy!
$60-70. for 3" Aspen cuttings?

*sigh*... Plant People! :-)

Yeah, I blame the meds for not really sleeping.. I had a Heart Attack a few years ago, surgery the same day.. and woke up in the ICU 9 hours later. Was gone for 7 minutes. Son broke 2 of my ribs trying to bring me back. Small Stroke last year, and another (Small) heart attack in March at my Ex's wake.. Now I have Fatigue which means I sleep weird hours, and may need another stent or a pacemaker..

So this means I have Plenty of time to mess with plants and to do alot of reading.
I had a friend who had a knee replaced with Titanium.. hobbled for 9 months and learned to like her Oxy. Long road. Good luck there..

I was on the Hirts site in the wee hours (as usual) so maybe I missed alot.
Nice Whitney! (Seek Help!) I tend to stay with smaller plants and raise them from day one. Just had a jade leaf 'finally' take root and just poked through the soil a day or so ago. Afraid to touch it for a long time, just dont know How long.

Liza at Good to Grow is a great girl.. Love the blogs. Alot of different plants. She's from NM so has a variety of plants.. check out her front room. Looks like one of your rooms! another place I visit in the Wee hours..


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Woebegonia..The soil has to be sold in my area...Last spring, while repotting, I went to several stores looking for certain mediums..
A couple weeks ago, maybe longer, I phoned several of these stores asking if they had EarthGro, but they all said, they never heard let alone sold this soil.
Feel like I'm in a Twilight Zone episode..lol.

BTW, I reread your post..you said, I said I knew of 4 mediums w/actual soil. Maybe I said I pot using black soil, sand, Perlite and bark? The last three are soil=less..I can't recall the thread you mentioned..hmm???

Charlie..I'm so sorry about your health..You'll be in my prayers...
Gotta give your son credit..he wasn't about to give up, even if it meant breaking a couple ribs.
Hopefully, the docs will find the correct meds and whichever treatment works best for you.

Gone 7 minutes! God in heaven.
Personal question if you don't mind...did you see any lights, tunnels? You don't have to answer if uncomfortable.

Yep, certain TC are very expensive..the sellers realize this and take advantage. I'm sure several people bought 'Aspen' segments so they too would be able to sell cuttings once their plant is large enough.

Yes, time for reading and working w/plants..but don't overdo it..follow your docs instructions. Please, Charlie.

Hirt's sells numerous in and outdoorplants..Insects, supplies, seeds.
If you go back to their site, check the left side of screen, click on plants, then scrool down to House Plants and/or Succulents.
Other plants they sell are annuals and perennials..garden plants.

Thank you..Seek help, lol.
Charlie, I normally buy small plants, too, but the 6" Sansevieria was the only size available.
I first saw this Sans on Sans forum, liked then ordered..lol.

If I hadn't seen one on GW, I'd never have went to Hirt's, and sought out the SAns..lol.

Don't blame you..I don't fiddle with rooting leaves/stems. As long as the leaf/cutting looks healthy, it's alive. Tampering w/roots isn't advisable.
When your Jade grows new leaves, and your really curious, only then should you peek at roots.
I knew a girl who killed more cuttings by disturbing roots. Then she'd ask me for more cuttings..That got stale after a year or two..She and I no longer talk..lol.

LOL, I'll have to checkout Liza's house...lol..
First have to figure what's wrong w/my email, then get ready soom..have a doc appt today..

Take care, Charlie..hugs, Toni

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

My prayers go out to you. Hope all goes well.

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Charlie, i have a smaller one too... Ziggy. Haha!!
Marley is doing very well. I would guess closer to spring i will uave some cuttings for ya!!! I would love to share!

Toni.. Thinking of ya. Prayers and hugs!!

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*Yawn*... Good Morning!

Wow..I even missed Jeopardy.

Toni.. Nope. Never saw any lights or tunnels or anything like it.. I woke up to see all the kids there. and didn't know where I was..and they told me I had had a heart attack.

My next recollection was a few days later, when I woke to someone saying, "Unless you don't want to see me again."

(Me.) "Huh?"
(voice) "I'm your Doctor...blah blah blah"

I raised my head enough to see who was at the end of the bed, only to see Ozzy riding a Zebra around the room, and the girl from the Swiss Miss box at the foot of the bed..

She's still my Doc to this day, and has become a good friend. Sadly, I have No clue where Ozzy or the Zebra went.

How was the doc appointment?

Tiff! A Ziggy to!?!?! Now you need a Rita and a Damien!
I've been known to break out a little Redemption Song at a party back in the day!
Loved your Pothos in another thread! That's exactly what I wanted.. kinda sparse on top, with long vines hanging. The one I sent you that pic of is very full on the top. (The Don King look!) and the vines are curled, reaching for the limited sun here!

Time for coffee..


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Charlie. I love watching Jeopard'! also!! Yup, I have a Ziggy too. When I saw it I couldnt resist it! Yes I agree I need a Rita and Damien. I saw Ziggy and Damien in concert here years ago. Two different shows and Ziggy was a free concert. I was close enough to touch him, I was in heaven. I uave been listening to reggae literally since I was bored. Anyone who knows me knows reggae is my thing! Such feel good music. I read that Rita sits at the bottom of the road sometimes where Bob is buried to greet ppl.

I am alo very sorry to hear of your health issues. Funny how one can care so much for a person they never met!

Don King huh, you should have seen my sons hair when he was born. He was called Don King and Elvis!

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Stush, thank you, but did you mean Charlie?? :)

Tiff thanks..

Charlie, you sure woke early!! I thought I got little sleep, but you beat me..lol

Ozzy and Swiss Miss, huh? What on earth were you on? lol.
Tubes and wires everywhere..oh Lord.

When my father had a heart attack, they gave him Morphine..something I never understood. Wonder if injecting pain meds w/opitates is standard..I thought it would slow/shut down organs. Lungs, etc.

Hopefully, Ozzy and Swiss Miss road away on the zebra.

Glad you found a doc who is thoughtful. They're hard to come by these days.

My doc appointment..could be better..blah blah.

Charlie, take care of yourself.....Toni

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