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oldbat2beApril 7, 2014

Can any of you recommend an online source (or local) source for soil testing? We are north of Boston. Thanks in advance.

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Umass Soil Testing. They provide excellent analysis. Get the routine soil test plus organic matter. If you are using synthetics you might be shocked be the lack of life in your soil and consider switching to organic.

Here are my results from Umass to give you an idea of what they provide. If you are lacking in PH or other areas they also tell you the application rate you should apply to correct. Don't be fooled by the big box store DIY tests, they don't work.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

"Organic Matter" on the test has absolutely nothing to do with the presence or absence of life in the soil. It is a simple measurement of how much Carbon material from decaying/decayed grass/leaves/peatmoss/etc is there. It is derived by heating the soil to the point where any organic material burns off, and measuring the loss of weight from that.

I read/offer recommendations on hundreds of soil tests a year. The best lab IMO is Logan Labs, with UMASS as a pretty good backup. Turnaround time is better at Logan, and getting someone to answer a question is way easier.

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Andy, thats do you think that stuff breaks down, magic? Its the microbes, bacteria, worms, and other LIFE in the soil that does this job. Synthetics hurt life, that is why you wont see a chemical based lawn with high % OM.

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I believe you are confusing the process with an end result, even unprocessed leaves in the soil would be OM. In any case, Andy10917's definition is accurate. (Unless, you include a lot of worms with the soil sample. :))

You might want to consider being a bit less anal in taking SC77 to task. I didn't read his original post as making the distinction you inferr, despite his taking the bait.

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Holy christ....alright got me...i guess. Its a direct result

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Belatedly, thank you very much for the quick replies. Once I get the results, I will post again, and solicit your input. Key concern is eradicating moss, hence the desire to know the PH of the soil.

SC77 - Thanks for the UMASS suggestion, great to know there is somewhere local.

Andy10917 - I just looked up Logan Labs. Like the idea of the 3-4 day turnaround! Thanks for suggesting.

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