Can pre-emergent cause delayed greenup

carillon(East TN - Zone 7a)April 27, 2014

I applied a pre-emergent in February on my zoysia lawn hoping to prevent chickweed and other early spring weeds from germinating.

This is the first time I've tried a pre-emergent and I'm now left to wonder if this application has caused my zoysia to be extremely slow to greenup this year.

Usually by this date my zoysia is all green and this year it's way behind schedule. The attached photo represents a roughly 5,000 sq.ft. area.

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I'm not an expert but I doubt it. The somewhat unusual and extended winter is probably the main contributing factor. I live in the Raleigh, NC area and my Bermuda is greening later as well. I too put down a pre-emergent but my grass is no more brown than anybody else's. I would just give it some time.

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carillon(East TN - Zone 7a)

I sure hope it comes back to life. I guess it could also possibly be winter kill since we had a few nights of extreme cold this winter... one night was zero.

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I eluded to this in my answer, but when I have questions like this about my law, I always compare it to my neighbors. Are other yards around you experiencing the same sort of delayed green up?

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carillon(East TN - Zone 7a)

In my neighborhood there aren't any other zoysia lawns. The best I could do was drive by a couple of area golf courses and they had not yet fully greened up but were further along than mine. Hard to say if they have zoysia or bermuda though.

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The golf courses were probably pumped with fert to get an early wake up. I wouldn't worry about it.

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Just looks dormant to me and we've all had a very weird winter. Can you post a close up (standing height)? Any grey in it?

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