Clumps of dirt on lawn?

chrisgvApril 25, 2013

Anybody know what would cause this? This is my first spring in my new home. In the summer, this wasn't here. It's almost like something is pushing the dirt up from underneath. Maybe it's just water draining?

I've included a gallery of images here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Lawn Gallery

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looks like moles. press them down by standing on them and see if they come back up. Moles make tunnels under the ground and they will "re-push" the dirt up to keep their tunnels clear.

Besides tunnels, they do produce mounds.

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Moles?! I'll try stamping them down tonight and see what happens.

Besides moles, any other theories?

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That's what they look like when I had them in my yard. By the way, just step on a couple of parts if they are mound tunnels, don't smash down the whole length. You just want to cave it in a bit so they tunnel back through it.

I snagged one last year with a cool little trap called the tomcat. About $20 at Lowe's. Before that, couldn't get rid of them. There is all kinds of gadgets and theories of how to get rid of them. This is the only one that worked for me.

They say killing there food source, worms and grubs, is another way as they will leave the area, but I preferred to actually see one dead for proof.

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There wasn't really any mounds that I saw last night. Also, all the muddy areas are bare of grass. If something was pushing up from underneath, wouldn't the grass still be there?

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No Chris. When a mole tunnels they stop in certain areas and build the "nest" per say. That's usually a clump of dirt.

Of course, this depends on how thick you grass is.

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I tried traps, poisons, everything. The way I finally got rid of mine was to use a product called "The Giant Destroyer." It looks like a huge firecracker. Essentially, you wait until you see activity at one of the holes, light it, drop it in, and cover the hole. It fills the tunnel with smoke, killing anything in it. I haven't had moles in 3 years now. You can pick them up at HD. Good luck with whatever method you try.

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