How many weeds are accetable in new sod?

windmillerApril 18, 2011

We had a landscaper lay some Bermuda sod in our backyard about 2 weeks ago. The Bermuda is starting to turn green, maybe 1/4 of the lawn is green but there are also alot of weeds. Not coming up from between the squares but in the actual sod.

There seem to be two main weeds but the one I am concerned about is Annual Bluegrass. on average 1 out of every 3 squares has at least one bluegrass weed. Some squares have as many as 3.

Is this acceptable in new sod?

Or is this expected to have this many weeds and just something I need to deal with myself?

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No! This is not acceptable. When you purchase sod it should be clean and weed-free. However, unless you have a written contract with the landscaper, there is probably not much you can do. You can ask the landscaper to come back and manually remove the poa annua, but without a contract the landscaper is not obligated to return.

Fortunately, in the next 6 weeks, the heat should start to reduce the poa population in your sod. Then in late summer, you'll want to start dealing with controlling poa annua.

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Thanks for the info! Much appreciated, I have contacted him and we'll see what he says.

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Where in NC are you located?

Bermuda is not a good choice for a residential lawn, specially in NC. It does best as a sports turf where it gets the professional treatment it needs in order to grow dense, green, and weed-free.

Bermuda becomes very thin during the dormant period in late Fall, all of winter, and half of Spring, allowing weed seeds to easily germinate and take over the area until warm weather returns.

POA Annua can be controlled in the early Fall with an application of pre-emergent herbicide like Dimension.

Surflan works very well at keeping POA Annua and many broaleaf winter weeds from ever germinating in your lawn, but your best defence against weeds is a very dense turf canopy.

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