What's The Best Time Of Day To Mow?

iowa50126(z5IA)April 26, 2008

We have had lots of discussions about mowing height, frequency and/or to mulch or not. But what about the time of day to mow?

I often mow late in the afternoon or early evening. The grass is usually dry and on hot days the sun is not so high. I "think" my lawn has less stress from mowing by doing it late in the day...

However, I have lots neighbors who like to mow just as the sun rises or at least before noon. They usually leave wet clumps of grass on the lawn and green mower tire marks on their side walk. The mower goes back in the garage covered on wet grass cuttings. I keep suggesting to them to refrain from cutting the lawn when it's dewy wet...but it falls on deaf ears.


Do you have a favorite time to mow?

Or do you mow just when you have the time and the weather cooperates? Or when your grass is so tall...that small dogs get lost in your lawn...

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In my experience, I didn't like mowing in the morning due to morning dew. Blades get grouped together. It also gets stuck in the mower deck.

I like mowing around 5pm. It's very dry, of course, assuming it didn't rain. :)

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I generally mow in the morning, but I live in Utah, so dew isn't an issue and there's no such thing as wet grass blades.

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jer213(5/6 IL)

You're on the right track: Minimize the stress.

*stress from getting cut (can't do much to minimize this but have sharp blades)

*stress from midday sun/heat

*stress from having to clean your mower from the dewy/wet grass

That makes it not so hard and fast. You can mow on an overcast day in the morning as long as the dew's gone!

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

Just as soon as the grass is dry, unless a storm is coming and the grass needs cutting...then get it.

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I agree with you about the timing Iowa.

I always mow in the evening. Turfgrass undergoes physiological stress with each mowing event and my thought is that when mowed in the evening, the turf an entire cool night to heal over.

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okcdan(7 OKC - Bermuda)

I also mow in the evenings.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

i mow all day. i start first thing inthe morning and usually get thru with all the cutting by dark, though at times i have to finish the next day. but then again i am cutting my 4 acres at home plus another 6 acres or so that is spread out over a 190 mile round trip! 4 of those 6 acres i cut once a month now, so most weekends i only have to drive 70 miles round trip to cut 2 acres plus my own. i head out to cut out of town first, so that by the time i get there the dew is usually gone.

if for some reason i am cutting only my lawn, i usually wait until about 9 or 10 to start, all the dew is gone by then.

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I've never noticed much difference by what time of day I mow. I use a Robomower, which takes quite a bit of time to meander around the zones (three of them), so the front tends to be cut in the morning, the back in the afternoon, and the north face in the evening.

I don't mow the grass if it's wet because it gunks up the mulching chambers. Other than that, I also wouldn't mow in extremely hot weather during the afternoon, partly to protect the grass, partly to protect the electronics.

There's no visible stress difference between the zones and no long-term impact that I've ever seen. The south face needs water more often, but that's expected.

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I mow my Bermuda lawn in the morning, whether there's any dew or not.
But I'm using a reel mower and following the lead of about a ton of Greens Superintendents. ; )

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For me, there is no best time. If you are in the business, you do not wait since time is money. Rain, shine etc.

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

I find the best time to mow is as the beer is getting ice cold.

But, remember: mow first, beer second... otherwise you can lose pets, fingers, toes and other things kinda important to ya.

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I like to mow when the grass is dry also. I think evenings are best during the hot summer months. IMO the only thing you do when the grass is wet is put down weed killer.

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