Those gorgeous anthuriums! (pics)

shiverDecember 13, 2007

I've been reading about anthuruims a lot lately (see Mr. Subjunctive's blog link below) and I have to agree these are truly fantastic plants. I've done nothing special for my NOID anthurium for over a year, yet she bloomed 14 out of 15 months. Take a look at my Southern window---she's the stunner at the top left, blooming her little heart out...

Here's a better look. There are no less than 5 blooms on her in the dead, dark of winter...

Thank goodness for her beauty, because the dead frozen tundra is what I see when I look out my window!

For those of you who've had anthuriums and can't get them to bloom, I 'd say try one of the newer cultivars. They seem to be much freer blooming than the older ones. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Plants are the Strangest People

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

I have a nice red one blooming at home (a NOID with large leaves that have a reddish tint when developing) and one (h pink blooms) blooming at work.

I think the main thing is lighting - we're led to believe that these are 'medium' light plants.
That's fine outdoors, but not indoors!

My anthuriums at home, like yours, are just a short distance from a SOUTH window, and the one I brought to work is in front a large west window - they get LOTS of light!

The blooms definitely add some life to the winter doldrums.
Even though winter hasn't *officially* arrived, we're definitely in the midst of it here in the upper midwest, aren't we?!

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Mentha(9 CA)

I just bought one it's a beauty. I hope I can keep it alive since it's my first anthurium which wasn't grown on a lava rock. Beautiful plants shiver!

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Shiver your plants are gorgeous, and that Anthurium is something else..I've never seen one so such a big pot..What size pot is it in? Great job..Toni

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Shiver, I love your plant stands! Especially the one with the Aglaonema on it.

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Well, thank you for the compliments! *blushing*

The anthurium is packed inside a 10 inch pot----she's really rootbound and I'm going to have to pot up in the spring. I would like to divide her but I'm concened they don't take well to having their roots disturbed. Does anyone know? I'd hate to ruin such a beautiful specimen, but I have trouble lifting plants much bigger than that.

Pepp, I think the plant you're referring is on the top right? It's actually a Philo "Moonlight," and I highy recommend them. Honestly it's one of the most robust plants I've ever grown---immune to things like rot and pests, and they can take any kind of light you'll give. Not fussy about watering either. Here's a better look (the plant was a lot smaller in this pic though):

I get most of my plant stands at a store called "Hobby Lobby." Usually plant stands cost a fortune but I managed to get most of mine for under $20. I don't know if that store is a national chain or not, but you may want to see if you have one around you. :)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Very nice! Plants, stands, views, the whole setting!

I'm newish to Anthuriums, have lost a few over the years (some go dormant like the one a florist sold me who didn't know that. Thinking it was dead, I tossed it).

I recently was captured by one w/ a red-violet looking color, really unusual (has a label from Twyford, a name new to me & identifies variety). I've had it abt a month & it's really doing great, on a pebble tray, watered w/ Eleanors VF-11. While mine is well into the room it gets a lot of bright indirect. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I too love those plant stands. Wouldn't last around my cat though. She can shove whole tables around with her rear end (I can't explain it... it's kind of akin to a shove with the hip that people do).

Even if it were without the blooms though, they look like they have lovely leaves. I'll have to look into them myself. Though I really shouldn't... I think I went over my plant quota a LOT recently. Beautiful plants. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, by the way, is that Fireflash on the lowest shelf on the left side? It's gorgeous.

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Yes quinn, that's a Fireflash on the bottom row there. It took me FOREVER to find one in my area, though I know they've been around in other parts of the county for years.

I don't have cats, but I do have a hubby that's a bit like a bull in a china shop. He's given up on ever trying to open those windows or adjust the blinds---I think he got tired of me shrieking that he's snapping the leaves off my green friends with his a$$. Poor guy!

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I have my grocery store variety anthurium in a southern window. It blooms but I can't call it thriving. Should I be fertilizing it at this time of the year.

I too love those plant stands.

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Well, toots---that question of whether or not to fertilize a blooming plant spurred off a of hot conversation in one of my other threads. There are varying opinions on if one should do such a thing.....

Yes, I'm fertilizing my anthurium now because it's not only blooming, but it's putting out a large amount of leaves as well. This is one of those plants I fertilize year-round because of it's non-stop growth. I use a very diluted fertilizer----Miracle Grow plant food diluted to 1/8 teaspoon per gallon of water, given each time I water my plant.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

You are doind a wonderful job . Not real sure but suspect it's an Andreanum probably a hybrid?? Is so they are semi epiphytic and actually grow into a vine .slowly .
I don't grow them in the house but in the yard and shadehouse so can't really advise you. Is it developing aerial roots?? I keep mine in the trees and some climb the walls. they grow everywhere but in their pots lol.
You might google the family sometime there are around 200 members to the family not counting hybrids. Plenty more to add to your collection lol
As long as it's growing I'd keep up the weak fert. You're definitely doing something right .These are VERY tropical plants in every sense of the word .
I once saw some growing wild in Guatamala in an overgrown forest and it was so dark I needed a flashlight to see the flowers. They not only tolerate low light they thrive. gary

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Well heck Gary, now that you mention it, my anthurium IS growing in kind of a vine-like manner. I even have a few aerial roots. The plant isn't exactly climbing out of it's pot or anything, but the stalks are getting longer and longer (slowly, that is)---kind of like a syngonium. I didn't even know anthuriums were a vining plant!

Thanks for the great info....I'll be googling away tonight. :)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Then it's definitely an andreanum. Once the aeirial roots form you can grow them on tree fern epiphyticl. If you can keep up the humidity?? if not keep them in a free draining mix and provide some tree fern to climb on. They are slow.
There are types that get 30 feet tall with leaves 5 feet wide . Make great living room plants I think lol
Can you provide cool summers?? say below 85 with significant nighttime drops at least into the low 70's??
If so you might be able to grow those fantastic high altitude beauties. Many have not only fantastic flowers but intricately veined leaves. they make the andreanums look like weeds lol Not for me ,sigh I'm lucky to get below 80 at night in the summer lol good luck gary

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hornetwife(Flour Bluff Tx Z9)

Shiver, LOVE your plant! All of them, actually! You have me thinking I need to move my Anthurium. I have it in a bathroom that has a window but with a decorative film over it. So it gets light, but VERY diffused light. Zero blooms so far and just sitting status quo.
Very nice blooms on yours!

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Hornetwife and others, I would say go ahead and move your anthuriums to brighter light if possible. My house was constructed in 2002 and there are no trees blocking my windows yet, so I have really bright light/sun most of the time. In all fairness though I'd say my anthurium puts out the highest number of flowers in the WINTER, when the days are short and cloudy. Perhaps it's just the occassional shot of winter sun that makes her so happy?

The one other thing I do differently from what all the books say, is that I let her *dry out completely* between waterings (even in the summer). Of course a loose soil mix is the gold standard in good plant care, so she also has that.

Gary, I have read about those high altitude beauties and they really are something. Gorgeous enough to take your breath away! In truth though humidity is a problem in MN winters----even with a huge humidifier running all the time, I only get to about 48% humidity indoors. I've tried to grow those tree ferns before and they just shrivel up and die in about a week (in fact I can't grow ANY ferns in this house!). It would also never be possible to provide the cool temps at night in the summer. Believe it or not, MN is pretty hot in the summer---90s and occassionally 100 degree temps are the norm, and the humidity is as high as all get-out at that time too. Air conditioning won't help much when you have those kind of conditions (as I'm sure you know!). However if I had the opportunity to have on one those high-altitude anthuriums, I might just try it and see if by a miracle it would be OK. :)

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Has anyone else found anthuriums to be prone to spider mites, especially in a full sun window indoors?

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My growers' guide says they are, but I've never found it to be the case with my own plants. Of course, they don't generally get full sun, but even when there are raging mite problems all around them, they're usually fine. [shrug]

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Fortunately I've never had mites on my plant, even though I've had mite problems on other near-by plants. But I've not been able to purchase another anthurium from the nurseries around here because they are always infested with mites. That makes me more sad than you know---because I want MORE of these fantastic plants. :(

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I have this anthurium blooming none stop year round for me. Here's a pic to share. Thanks for looking.

Xuan (from Vietnam)

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

I had a small red anthurium that I adored that wasn't blooming much. I moved it into my sunny west window and it started blooming its head off. It must have gotten stressed by getting too dry a few times, and next thing I knew it was covered with mites. It was bad enough that I decided to throw it out and start over with a new one after the holidays.

I have some planters of them in a full sun window for a client, and they got a really bad infestation of mites too. (Nothing likes to grow in this spot.) OTOH, I have 6 huge anthuriums scattered around the same building in a little less sun, and they bloom like crazy almost all year round. It's an atrium type setup, and they likely get a big temperature drop at night with good light during the day; I suspect that helps the blooming.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


Really lovely pic, nice plants & lovely how the color of the blooms happens to match so well!

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Many thanks for your comments, pirate girl. Glad you liked my photo.


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I hope I can revive this post a bit since you seem to be the expert on growing a great A. andreanum LOL! Anyone can jump in of course :)
I have had this Anthurium given as a gift in Dec. of '07 from a friend and it was flowering then. Pretty sure she picked it up from Walmart. It was only labeled as "Tropical". I of course got out my reference books and ID'd it as an Anthurium andreanum.
Anyways, it did not flower for me this winter and I have recently moved it back into a west facing window from an east facing location. It has never been potted up and is in a 3" pot and more roots than soil are showing. I think it's time, but wanted your opinion first. I understand your opinion is that they like to be packed, but how packed is good?
This particular plant seems to do rather well given the fact that my indoor humidity rarely exceeds 40% in winter and is even less in summer. Sometimes I find a few brown leaf tips, but only on occasion. I too, let the soil dry out some before watering and it is also fine with doesn't take long to dry out now at all. When I do water I take it too the shower as I do with most of my houseplants. I mist the leaves a few times a week. Oh, and I use Miracle Gro potting soil and that is what I will probably be using.
I took a few pics to go along with the post. Thanks for looking!

Notice the roots have ALWAYS been partially growing above the soil and I figured I need to leave it that way when potting up?

...and here are the roots

Thanks in advance,


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I think anthuriums are underrated but I am seeing a lot in the stores now where I used to see mostly pothos. For me, I love their leaves. I'm a foliage person more than a blooming person.


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Hi Vera...glad you're giving these fantastic plants a try. :)

I've found anthuriums don't like to be pot-bound, and preform better when they're not stuffed into the pot...this allows for more even moisture to the roots and prevents dry pockets. My plants grow fast so they do get rootbound every year, but I try to keep on top of it. Miracle Grow soil is ok but be sure to cut in a lot of loose perlite...make the mix about 50% soil and 50% perlite.

I cover as many roots at the top as possible. If your plants are getting to deep for the pot you want to use, you can cut trim the rootball...I've never had that give me any problems. If you trim the roots though, trim the same percentage of foliage to keep things in balance.

As far as blooming: some varities are constant bloomers, other I can't ever get to bloom for me again once the store blooms die. If you have a non-bloomer, try a different variety until you hit the jackpot. The red-flowered anthurium in the picture at the top of the thread (from 2007) has never spent even a week without blooms...I still have it and it's one of the most robust blooming plants I've ever had.

Good luck with yours! :)

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Thanks a bunch shiver!

I did right away go ahead and pot up my Anthurium. Immediately following, the plant begin making new leaves like crazy AND is now about ready to open up it's first flowers since coming home from the store!! I guess all it needed was a little extra room to grow :)

Hope you are enjoying warmer weather :)


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Everyones Anthuriums are so pretty and I'm really proud of my Anthurium so I thought I'd share it. I bought it in Feb this year with one flower. It has since grown two new flowers (the first flower died just a day or two ago) and several nice new leaves. I had heard that it was a fussy plant, so I wasn't going to buy one, but it was half price so I couldn't resist 'cause it looked so lovely. And it's actually doing well. I'm so happy and proud of it.

Happy growing everyone!

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Can Someone help me?? I am new to houseplants altogether, but a nice man suggested this lovely plant to me since I love color... I put in by my window where it does not seem to get direct sunlight. It seemed ok for a week, but now the leaves look grey and dehydrated. I am watering and maybee too much? Every few days because that is what the tag that came with it suggested. It was so healty when I brough it home, and now it looks bad with 5 leaves turning this dark color..... what am I doing wrong?

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Sounds like you're watering it way too much. What size pot is it in? How big is the plant? Mine's in a 4in plastic pot and I only water it about once a week to once every week and a half. Pull the plant out of the pot and sniff the roots. If it smells mouldy and gross, then it's rotted. Most plants like to dry out slightly between waterings, some more than others. Do not keep the soil saturated.

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hotzona_2007(Zone 9/Tucson)

Hi everyone,
I just received one of these lovely plants from my daughter's boyfriend. Don't know what variety it is, but it has pink flowers. So I went online to find out how to care for it, and came across this website:

Here is a link that might be useful: Anthurium Plant Care Instructions

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