My Garden Treasures - 1st Time!

soinspired(6 (Central IN))July 8, 2010

My first time posting pictures! Here's some of my favorite garden junk... All flowers I've grown from seed too. I'm so proud. I hope you can view the pictures.

The sap buckets I purchased from Ebay several years ago. The plow, I won at an auction for $1.00. All the galvanized tubs were mostly given to me. The old iron grocery cart I won at an auction for $5.00.

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

BEAUTIFUL!!!! You've done a wonderful job!! Very tasteful and arranged wonderfully. And, CHEAP, too!! It really looks fabulous!!

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The petunias are so pretty and so healthy. Mine have turned to mush in the heat and humidity.

What is the vine on the fence over the tubs?

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Marlene Kindred

You have an awesome collection of JUNQUE! Love the tubs and planting containers...your flowers are beautiful too! The hanging lamp and all of your old farm implements are very cool them all!

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soinspired(6 (Central IN))

Thanks for your compliments. The hanging lamp is actually an old railroad lamp given to me by a dear friend. We keep it lite all the time and provides a lovely glow at night. The vine peeking thru the fence above the tubs is an Autumn Clematis. It was given to me by a friend just a couple years ago. It is huge. This is what it looks like from the other side of the fence.

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Your flowers from seed are spectacular, I never have enough patience to wait for seeds to start. I like the lantern also. Your collection of kitties is sweet, I like the ones on the porch best. Good job of posting your pix.

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Wow! I love it! I love the color blends and the color of the metal amidst it all. Very pretty!

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WOW -- your yard looks like it should be in a magazine !!

Awesome !!!

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Awesome! All my favorite kind of Junque!

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

From seed, no less, everything is wonderful lots to look at and enjoy. Thank you so much for posting! Keep 'em a'coming!


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Very nice!!!

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Seems like we all like seedy characters!lol! Good job and nice garden!!!

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Ohhhhhhh I could just get lost in your gardens! I cannot even pick a favorite part! Wait - yes I can - those beautiful blue flowers! Petunias, right?

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That is all cool!!!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)


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WOW...from seed!!! Drop-dead gorgeous flowers! Love the pink & blue combo in those galvanized pots! And your rustic 'em...that iron grocery cart is a great recycle for your potted plants!

Great idea on how you added that stiff kind of wire to your wood ladder for your Clematis to grow up on! And that Autumn Clematis is beautiful...I really enjoy my one & planted another this yr because of the later blooming! (and they smell so-o-o good!) Your's is so very healthy!

Sweet cat art, too! TFS...enjoyed everything in your pics! Jeanne S.

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Beautiful! I, too, like the hardware cloth wire on the ladder. Among other things,I love the cats.
How close are you to Parke county, Indiana?

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WOW...gorgeous! it all. I'd sure love to grow flowers but they hate me! I swear they kill themselves before giving me a chance to do it. :o(
You definitely have a very green thumb!

I see Jeanne posted 'my thoughts exactly' again. LOL. I think I'll just ask her to start signing all her posts as
"Jeanne and Karen".

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What wonderful junk! I love all the galvanized steel, the rusty stool with the enamelware bowl on it, the plow, the lantern, the kitties, the cart ... gosh what did I miss? The flowers and plants are spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing your slice of paradise with us!

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Great garden junk garden & beautiful flowers! I like the garden plow thing & the lantern, nice that it lights up!! Love the color of your fence & pebbles, go together well! Lots to look at & love! Thanks for posting! Jan

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soinspired(6 (Central IN))

Thanks for your comments! You have all given me my inspirations. And, above is only a small part of my Garden Art! This is only the second year I've ever started flowers/vegs. from seed. My DH built me a little potting shed two years ago and its just the best to start plants in Feb./March and a nice attic to store all my treasures. I don't think its as economical starting seed versus buying them but watching them grow is just amazing! I can't wait till I can either retire or quit and devote more time to my love of junking & gardening. Nonacook-I'm in Clinton County! We are very close & I've visited the Covered Bridge Festivals many, many times. You live in a beautiful part of Indiana.

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Beautiful, you have done an amazing job putting this all together. Love your clematis on the ladder. What name is it? I have some clematis seeds for some of mine that I have been saving and would be glad to share with you and anyone else that wants them. I also have just collected a lot of seed from one of my iris, it blooms yellow and is quite tall either jap or siberian or louisiana iris. You can see pics of the clematis and iris in my flickr album.

Good luck with the sweet autumn clematis, I hate it. It has taken over my yard and is very invasive. I pull it or cut it where ever I see it. If it has not bloomed yet, cut it back so it doesn't spill over into your back yard and try to deadhead it before the seeds spread. It only has a short bloom period in the fall and the blooms are hardly worth the effort when they leave you presents to contend with in all your other beds the following spring.
Good's a link to my flickr page, look at Clematis and iris or other 2010 flowers.

Here is a link that might be useful: My flickr album

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soinspired(6 (Central IN))

Again, thanks for the additional comments. Flagtruck, all your pics are just amazing. Love your clematis. I have tried to grow clematis from my own seed but no luck. Have you had success doing this? And, from the iris? I have several other clematis but have only kept the names the last couple years. However, the one on ladder is called Little Duckling. Its flowers are only 2-3". It was lovely a few weeks ago and is only the third year for it too. I see you also do ceramics and your work shed is just adorable. You are very organized. LOVE the idea on your edgers. I have never seen that before & what a great idea. I've wanted to start ceramics too but will have to wait till I don't work anymore. I have lots of ideas though from all the people here who have posted. You are all such a creative bunch. Thanks so much for your continued inspirations.

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Soinspired, I don't LIVE in Parke County (live in the Florida panhandle)but have a cabin in Mansfield on the main road to the Bridge and Mill. I tried to send you an email, but there was not one available on your Page. This year will by my 24th year. And yes, I have a bathroom (with no lines!) LOL! I will be there in September and stay until after the festival. I sell cream puffs and eclairs, muffins and brownies.


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I love your garden and art work!! My mom lives in Parke County and I live in Danville IN I always wondered on here how close people lived. May have seen ya at festival.

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

I love all of the eye candy!!
I am partial to old galvanized!!

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Wow!!! I LOVE it all.....great job and thanks for sharing the photos :)

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Oh, I just noticed the metal hummer...ooohhhh ahhhh!!!

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gwenb(7 WA)

You and I have the same taste! I LOVE your gardens. Very pretty plantings and I'm so impressed they're all from seed! I'm also impressed by the cost of your 'junk.' Way to find those bargains!!! Just a very very pretty place and one in which anyone would be blessed to spend time in.

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soinspired(6 (Central IN))

Thanks for your continued comments. Calamity, the metal hummer was a gift from a friend years ago. Real hummers will even perch on it! And, Lisa, I've been to Danville many times too on my way to Covered Bridge Festival. Festivals will be starting soon all over Indiana. Can't wait! I had two friends over on Sunday, both are Master Gardeners, and they loved my Garden Junk! I think I inspired them on a few pieces of my "farm implement art." I've directed to this forum to get continued inspirations. I love galvanized items the best too, as they hardly ever rust and are perfect for planting. Please keep posting all your inspirations. I may not comment, as I'm here at work, but I visit on my breaks at least twice a day.

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