I leveled my bermuda lawn..

nitram10April 24, 2012

I leveled my bermuda lawn with builders sand about 10 days ago. Every thing worked out well and the grass is starting to spread, although slowly. They only thing that i didnt do was use a lawn roller to pack it down. Now 10 days later when i walk on it some parts are still soft. Should i rent a roller today and pack it down real good?

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You watered it yet? That will make it settle, too.

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yeah i have been watering. there are still some spots that i feel need to be packed down. Just wondering if it was a bad idea or not.

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No you do not want to pack it down. I suspect those soft spots were the low spots where larger amounts of sand accumulated and what you are feeling is the sand shifting when you put your weight on it as that is what it should do. Eventually the Bermuda roots and rhizomes will fill up the loose sand and tighten it up on its own.

FWIW you cannot pack coarse angular sand, that is why you used it so it would not pack down.

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thanks texas

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