More Garden Junk in the Lily Garden!

jeannespinesJuly 22, 2010

Remember back in April when I posted this pic of the "turbine" in my new Lily Garden planted the previous Fall:

Then I started adding GJ May the birdcage & bird & the dragonfly windchime...then in June added the old fence, milk separator & metal wheels...planted a vine in separator the birdhouses:

Now that vine has really been growing this week I added a "fence wire wreath" to the old fence ...& the vine is peaking thru to grow on it ..also painted the birdcage creamy white (like I did the it shows up better). Here's pics from this week:

A close-up of the wire wreath:

And here's a pic of the whole Lily Garden's evolving yet ...I am pleased with the results! Thanks for lookin'! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Looks like a beautiful postcard Jeanne! Love all of the GJ in this garden...the dragonfly windchime, the birdcage, the turbine, the fence, the new wreath...just everything!

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kelly_oh(OH z6)

Just lovely! Next year your lilies will be twice as big and it will be even better!! I've been watching for a turbine, but short of going and buying a new one, I think I may be out of luck :(

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That whole garden vignette has just come along nicely. I think the white really does help show off the bird cage and dragon fly. I think some nice rustic orange to match the lillies would be great too. Funny what kelly said about the lillies being twice as big next year, I saw a painted garden sign that said " No Garden Is As Beautiful As It Will Be Next Year". I think this is the sentiment of most gardners, at least me. Also, your photograpy and photo-framing always amaze me.

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Jeanne, What an inviting setting and vignette! Those pictures belong on cards! You never cease to amaze me with your talents! I could kick myself for not buying a turbine at one of our little local thrift stores...and it was rusty! I LOVE RUST! Jeanne, thanks for always sharing and inspiring! This is a beautiful creation of found objects! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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It all is looking real good ! I love what you have done .

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I love ALL of it!! Great job :)

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Birdy paradise! I love how it all looks together with the lilies. Beautiful job!

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Thanks, GJers, for your comments.

Kirk & Kelly...don't give up on GS'ing for a turbine...after seeing the beautifully painted one by mzclassic in FL, I knew I would like one...took a yr or so but got mine for $5 at GS!

frou & marlene & Nantricia...thank you..& I like that garden saying, frou! marlene...I'm hoping our paths cross some day in RL...luv the projects you & DH do tog, too! Jeanne S.

I moved & also planted some new lilies in that garden & have lots of colors,'s a new white one that bloomed in front of the rusty wheel a couple days ago:

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I LOVE "Before and After" photos, and this one is sure a winner! The entire setting is just so lovely.
You were in front of line for talent and creativity....
gardening, junking, decorating, photography, and heaven knows what else! No wonder there was none left when I got there. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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bverste(zone 5)

I second everything everyone has said. Why oh Why is it is art in your yard and would be junk or down right trashy in mine? I just don't have the same eye, but I keep reading and looking and will continue to work on it, thanks for the inspiration.

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It has all come together wonderfully! I placed 2 old turbines out by curb with sign that said "free" how dumb was that!! Well, I don't have that big of yard so I just hoped someone else could use them. Love that new white lily! Do you have any tiger lilies, I love them, I used to have them but they finally died, think they got too wet 1 year when we had so much rain. Always like ideas you come up with!! Jan

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very nicely put together!

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