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stillwaterllDecember 11, 2011

I got the corn plant(janet craig?) from a friend in July. It had a lot of black/grey/brownish leaves when I got it, so I cut them off. Since then it hasn't grown anything and more leaves turned bad. Do I still have a chance to save it or should I just give up on it? Thanks a lot.

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stillwaterll, a healthy Dracaena deremensis 'Janet Craig' has slender stalks which are green when healthy. Black discoloration of the leaves and upper stem indicates over watering while a tan coloration of the lower section points to a dried out condition.
The former can be managed by inducing drying conditions and pruning the dead/discolored tissue.
For the latter condition, removal of the affected stalks is the best course of action.

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Thanks for the tip. I'll keep an eye on the water and hold on to the plant for a while longer.

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