Treating Burnt Lawn with Starter Fertilizer?

djemtaApril 26, 2009

Last Fall, in attempt to winterize my lawn I unfortunately applied more fertilizer which burnt my lawn. Someone adivced me to water lawn more frequently and re-seed which is what I did about 2 weeks later. Now this spring, my lawn has lagged behind the others in turning green. Someone advised to apply starter fertilizer which would not burn the lawn which I did yesterday. Will the starter fertilizer help the lawn turn green or I just made the problem worse.

Your honest input will be appreciated.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Sometimes patience is the hardest thing to find when other yards are greening up. In general you do not need to fertilize until after your grass is growing. Furthermore, in the spring you do not need to mow until after the early flush of growth is over. And then you only need to fertilize at 1/2 the normal rate. Fall is when the grass needs fertilizer.

If you have not received an inch of water this week, water enough to bring it up to an inch. Water it all at one time. Don't spread your 1 inch of watering out over 7 days. Watch the grass as it comes in for signs of stress. If it looks dry before a week is up, water again to make a full inch. Eventually your yard will be able to go all week and longer with only one watering.

Set your mower to the highest setting. When your grass comes in tall enough to mow at that height, mulch mow it.

I should have asked this first...what kind of grass do you have? If it is fescue you will have to reseed. If it is Kentucky bluegrass, the grass will fill in for you.

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