Application of pre emergent too late?

Mofo2713(North Dallas 7B)April 9, 2012

Put down Scotts + Halt about 6 weeks ago on my Tifway 419 in Frisco, TX and per TWs suggestion, I'm going to put down Lesco's 15-5-10 after the landscapers finish up at the end of next week and then go up to the 39-0-0 for the summer (Apr 20)

Wondering since Scotts + Halt was the only thing I put down before and really didn't hit it with a good pre-emergent, would now be a good time to put down an application of pre emergent to hold me over for the next few months or is too late by now and just go the route of spot treating the next couple of months with a Weed B gone spray?

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Forget Scott's Halt. Use AMAZE, Dimension, or Barricade.

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Mofo2713(North Dallas 7B)

Yeah I knew Scott's HALT was bad once I started reading the forum. I was just going by the Bible you wrote and it said 8 weeks after first application is a good time to apply another pre-emergent for the summer months. Is there much of a difference in the pre emergents or am I fine with any of the AMAZE, Dimension, or Barricade is avail at my local HD or Lowes?

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Mofo2713(North Dallas 7B)

Found these 2 at Lowes.

Anyone have experience with either of these?

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