Silverware windchime question

lisa_neenah(5a)July 16, 2010

I've seen both, flattened and unflattened silverware in silverware winchimes, in your experience what's better?

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I've made it both ways . I like the looks of both . This is my most recent one - I didn't flatten the silverware - and as you can see - the fork & the spoon on the right keep "getting it on ". I think if I flattened them - that wouldn't happen .

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To cute love your windchime. I'm already for my first one, I thought maybe it had to do w. the way it sounds. Glad I don't have to flatten, first one won't be, we'll see about the next one.

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well, hopefully the spoon will have baby spoons, since there's such a shortage of them! :)

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Personally, I like the UNflattened ones best...

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How you attach some kind of hook?

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When I made one a couple years ago, I used a tiny drill bit to make a hole in the handles and attached a ring in it. I wore out a couple of bits doing it though. I also flattened my silver which was a lot of hard work. It's been hanging out on the front porch for about 5 years and has really weathered well, considering that I had no idea what I was doing when I made it. Cheryl

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