BFF Rainchain Waterfeature

Calamity_J(z7bc)July 22, 2010

This is a rainchain I recieved for Christmas from my BFF! I loved it sooo much that it hung in my eclectic home/diningroom till now! It actually hung right on the otherside of that patio door from where it is now!!!ha!

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kelly_oh(OH z6)

That is one excellent BFF!!! And I love your set up that it drains down into! Now, did you cut a hole in the spout above to let it drain down through the chain? or does the rain drain down through it at all?

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That's great, it's the kind that I wanted and couldn't cough up the dough for. You have great friends. It looks super in your water feature too. Can you turn one of the cups over and take a pic of the bottom, I've got an idea churning in my mix/master brain.

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You know, I bet you could make one of those with soda cans! Would take some time, tin snips and gloves, but it could be pretty!

I love how you have yours done. I've never seen one with that type of pattern like that before. Love the gazing ball too!

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That is really a cool rain chain! Looks beautiful hanging outside your patio doors! And it gives the "essence" of falling your water plants & the small pump bubbling to make it work. Can't see the clear tubing int he first pic...this is excellent! I have a "Menards" one that haven't figured out where I can use I can see I don't need an eave to make it work! TFS, luckygal! Extra hug to your BBF! Jeanne S.

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Well look at YOU! Right uptown with sumthin' store bought. That's no junk! Looks good and bright and shiny just how I like things.

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Love it! Love it! Love it! We have a store bought one that Carol bought me for Father's Day a few years back. She also wants me to hang an old chain from the roof to the ground. I LOVE RAIN CHAINS, and I LOVE YOURS!!!! TFS! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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That is to cool!! Love it!!

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How pretty! Your BFF has great taste. I bet it sounds wonderful. I'm looking at a flower I cut out of a beer can and my mind is churning like froufrou's. he-he And I love your mosaic ball too! It's gorgeous!

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That is BEAUTIFUL. You sure have a super friend too.

hugs, Karen

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bverste(zone 5)

I have been wanting a rain chain too, and have been dropping hints like crazy to my kids, but no luck yet. I really want to see the flower cut out of a can, and if you make a chain, show it to us, please

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Looks wonderful! The plants & leaf really add to the look as does the lovely BB. Jan

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Thanks Everyone! I have the BEST Friends (Forever!lol),and have found them from this Forum!!! Klinger bought me this and I sooo Love it! I placed a pump and some hose in the tub and the water just trickles down the rainchain, and I have my pineapple that I did earlier this yr and a globe(both light up at night). I was going to do a 3 pole teepee style set up over a tub but did this one instead, but now that everyone mentions pop can rainchains I will maybe have to have a 2nd feature elswhere!!!ha!
Here is a couple more pics of this one:

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Marlene Kindred

VERY COOL!!! Love the copper and it will sound wonderful in the rain and it will look cool in the winter when it ices up! Mine has smaller holes in the bottom, so it actually holds water in each "petal" for a while...the birds love to land on them and drink too!

Give your BFF a big hug for being so wonderful!

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Lucky you! It is beautiful...and looks like something a crafty junker could replicate *holding breath, waiting for pics of a soda can rain chain* Thanks for posting the close up pics!


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