Do I need Gypsum?

meatballsub(TX-8b)April 23, 2010

I was recently told to apply gypsum as my clay soil is sodic. I am in Zone 8, TX. I assume it is sodic from the irrigation system - our tap water is sodic. I don't know if we usually get enough rain to wash out the sodium, but last year I did a lot of irrigation because of little rainfall, so sodium could be high because of that.

Gypsum is $10 for a 40 lb bag - I would need 7 bags to do my yard at 40lb/1000sf and it was said 2 treatments would be the minimum necessary. $70 seems like a lot for one treatment, as I can do two years of fertilizer with that money.

I found the gypsum magic myth below, but it still seems I may need it for my specific conditions.

The lawn doesn't look bad, but it could always be better. Any visual indicators that I could use to help decide if I need to apply this gypsum?

Here is a link that might be useful: the myth of gypsum magic

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I didn't read the link, but I've read other things by Chalker-Scott. She tends to paint with a broad brush.

Gypsum is sometimes oversold as a magic cure-all, which it isn't. It helps a certain type of clay (sodic). If you've got sodic clay, it will help you. The "problem" with it is that it's sold as a cure for clay even in areas that have clay that isn't sodic where it does no good.

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