New Bud Platinum...It's the bottle...!!!

forboystooJuly 7, 2012

I don't post here much but I thought you guys would appreciate the new beer I picked-up..

Comes in a GREAT blue bottle.The label comes off but I've got to work on the glue.

I've never made a bottle tree and love the ones I've seen here.

Maybe one will be in my future.

Better start drinking...:)

Also I don't work for Bud ....

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OOOPs sorry..I guess I should read the other posts
before I realize that I'm probably the last to know
about these..

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Well, for someone who doesn't post here much you sure knew where to come to share your great find! *grin* Sooo...I'm thinkin you should prolly be postin here more often:) Thanks for the tip, anyway, and here's hopin your next awesome discovery scoops us all!

Now, pop a top, sit back & relax & catch up here. Then share your latest creation. You'll have a great time plus you'll have another bottle for your future tree, lol.


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The glue will come off with 'goo gone', and pieces of paper towel.
I have cleaned 36 so far!

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~~giggle ... TFSharing, tho! Please post more pics ... this one looks great! Lookin' forward to your bottle tree! Jeanne S.

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Thanks everyone.
I use to lurk here to see the beautiful plate flowers and totems.

After being gone for soooo long I thought I had just
found the greatest thing to share with all of you.

I feel silly
but your warm greetings took the edge off :)

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No need to feel silly, forboystoo. Always exciting to see someone make a new-to-them discovery and join in the fun! Sharing your great find here was like a gift...and as with any gift, it's the thought that counts:) It was well received.

I'm only just now starting my bottle tree BECAUSE dh nixed the idea yrs ago (thought it was tacky - can you imagine?!) Anyhoo, got my new neighbor to thank...she moved in & promptly planted a blue bottle tree front & center. Gotta love her. Hubs thinks it looks cool and actually went out & bought the materials to plant mine. He still has no idea I have a couple dozen blue BP bottles hidden in my junk stash & more on the way. Haha...boy is he gonna be surprised when my tree fills out overnight!

blessing & thanks for sharing,

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Was driving through the countryside the other day with my dh and kids and spotted a blue bottle aside the road. My daughter hopped out and grabbed it for me. Was cracking up when she got back and I saw it was a beer bottle like this one. I had her put it in the back of the car and was sure to not speed home LOL. Was THRILLED to find a blue bottle in the middle of nowhere LOL

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