1/2 whiskey barrel

sorie6(6b ok.)July 15, 2011

I have a 1/2 whiskey barrel that I'd like to use in the garden BUT it doesn't have a bottom. It was rotted out when I took the dirt out of it. Anyone one here used one without a bottom? I've seen them kind of buried and flowers spilling out of them but they had bottoms!! Thanks for any suggestions.

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Ament(5a SD)

My neighbor down the road has one with iris' in it. I never thought Iris' as a good choice for those. However, I don't see why you cannot use it without a bottom. So long as it's got the bands that hold it together. Just use smaller things in it instead of iris'. I'd plant things that flow over the edges, some pansies, marigolds, a few taller things but not things like iris'. :)

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I posted this whiskey barrel awhile back, sorie...& guess what, it's very old & had to be moved because we are siding our house...there was no bottom left in it! I'm hoping to still use it if we can move it back to the spot in the upcoming months...don't see why we can't as long as the hoops that hold the boards stay in-tack!

I planted Hosta, Chives, Coral Bells in it & since it's fairly close to the house, they have wintered over quite a few yrs. now. Also had German Ivy but it didn't winter over. Jeanne S.

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Actually, the lack of a bottom is a NON-issue as far as planting goes. The barrell will simply serve as a border of sorts as well as offering some 'extra' winter protection as jeannespines noted.

Go for it! And be sure to post pics when it's all planted =]


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..LOVELY pic Jeanne, as always

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Hey if you don't want the whiskey barrel cause it doesn't have a bottom...there's a home in florida that would be glad to have it....:):)

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I just recieved 2 and I am not sure they have bottoms!
They do need some wire around them because the hoops are coming apart. I think I will use copper wire to hold them together.

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