perennials sprouting through new sod

sadie709April 12, 2011

My sister had a friend dig up a large perennial bed in her backyard last fall and lay sod. He didn't rottotill or use roundup and now all the perennials are sprouting up through the sod. Will weed and feed kill the perennials? Or should I mix up a broadleaf weed killer and spray it on with a tank sprayer?

There are 100's of little coneflowers and daylilies sprouting; way to many to paint on roundup with a little brush. The bed covered most of the backyard.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Weed and feed seldom works as well as you want it to. Instead wait until the grass is growing (second mowing) and then fertilize. Two weeks after you fertilize, spot spray individual plants with either Weed-B-Gone or with Brush-B-Gone depending on the tenacity of the plant. You might try WBG on all of them. Give it a week and look closely to see which ones are dieing. For any that don't seem to be affected, try the BBG.

Consider yourself lucky he did not rototill. I disagree with rototilling for any part of the garden, but for turf it is especially problematic. Once all the fluffy soil settles (about 3 years), it always leaves a bumpy surface.

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Thanks for the advice. She put down weed and feed yesterday and we will wait for next weekend to spray with WBG. I also have a product in the garage that my mom bought for me last year called trimec for the creeping charlie in my yard which I never got around to using. Have you heard of that one?

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Perrenials/annuals/trees/shrubs......all react to the amount of sunlight they are given.
The perennials popping out of the ground can be better controlled by simply mowing them down....not letting the foliage gain sunlight. Bulbs die back....depending on their startches and sugars being allowed to go back down...if the foliage isn't there, the bulb dies.
Same for any plant whose roots are deprived of sunlight's affects.
A dead tree might continue for a time to feed its roots, but over time, the roots die from starvation.
As the plants pop up, machine gun them.....mow them down.

There's not much wrong when some crocus pop up on our lawns early in spring. The harbinger of that happening is looked on as something to wait for.

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