fertilizer and worms. . .

babera(5a (Montana))April 26, 2014

My lawn is nice, everytime I dig in the flower beds I find at least one if not several worms. In the past I used Scott's brand. This year I'm leaning more towards compost. For one reason, I'm worried what the chemical would be doing to the worms, which is the best thing for the lawn.

I want to use either steer or chicken manure (bagged). I've also read that sugar and Epsom salt is good. What are the pros and cons of these? Do any of you use any/all three? If I do use them should I mix them and apply together? If so what would be a good ratio? How often should I apply?

Thanks in advance. . . I hope this doesn't come across as an idiotic question

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If the yard isn't very big, used coffee grounds is probably better than compost. The worms love it. They'll eat it and poop out castings, which is a very good fertilizer.

Their tunneling through the soil also opens channels for water and air to reach the grass roots.

Starbuck's gives away coffee grounds. I can go there on a good day and haul away enough to fill half a wheelbarrow.

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If you're seeing one or "several" worms when you dig, then yes... you need to get off of synthetics. Several studies show they actually damage your soil, not improve it.

I agree, coffee is a free compost you can deliver without wating for it to "cure". I dump in a bin and scatter it every Friday in a circular rotation around my back yard.

Additionally, you should explore Vitamin M (Milorganite) and Rabbit Pellets/Cracked Corn. When used together, or alone, they will produce far better results than Scott's could ever dream of. Scott's is a complete joke and many here will agree. Serioiusly, how many want to kill the "Fiddyerlonn, Fiddit" guy?

Also read up on shampooing your lawn. Not kidding. I'm pretty sure Tiemco or Dchall have some good pointers here.

When I dig, it's a MESS of worms - literally. Not one, a few, or "several" - it's a MESS of them. F**king "Snakes on a Plane" mess. That's good. :)

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babera(5a (Montana))

well. . . thanks all. . . coffee grounds are doable for me. . . my DD's MIL has a coffee shop. . .

next up. . . how much, how often, best time of year, when not to. . .

Thanks again guys. . .

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Coffee grounds - easy. Whenever, wherever. Never more than 1/4 inch anywhere, spread it thin, it goes a long way. Good luck! :D

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babera(5a (Montana))

Sounds pretty easy gsweater. . . what happens to the lawn as in a greener appearance? Just curious what will happen if I don't have enough to do the entire lawn at the same time. I will find a starting/stopping point so I manage to get the entire lawn. Thanks so much. . .

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You won't notice any greening effect by applying coffee grounds alone, as the nitrogen content is simply too low.

Different products are applied for different results. The coffee grounds is a means of attracting and feeding the worms in the soil, who through their natural process will fertilize the lawn and loosen the soil.

Still, the effect won't be anything you'll notice immediately. Basically what you're doing is improving the soil and at the same time gradually feeding the grass a natural source of food (worm castings).

Do this in combination with other methods (Milorganite was mentioned above, and I love it), and your grass will turn darker, thicker and better withstand the stress of heat and drought because the growing medium is healthier.

Organic fertilizer is gradual, just as the cycle of nature is gradual, yet unlike synthetics, organics produce long-term, more sustainable results.

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