Bad luck with Columnea Carnival from Logees...

wendync(7b)December 17, 2012

Hey guys, so I know you all have differing opinions on Logee's Greenhouse but I wanted to ask your opinion about one plant that just doesn't seem to do well!

I've bought over 12 plants from Logee's and for the most part, I've been pretty happy with them. Sure, some of the plants are a little on the small side(some are nicely sized), but that's something I can overlook if it's a hard-to-find plant and it's seemingly healthy.

However, I purchased a Columnea "Carnival" back in October and when I received it, it was the saddest little dinky plant ever. It appeared super stressed from shipping... an inch off the tips of every single piece on the plant had seemed to soften and start rotting by the time I had *received it*. It had dropped half it's leaves and over the next two months, shriveled into a leafless twig. It's still alive, but barely. Any way, I knew I had 60 days with Logees, so I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and see if it turned around for me. It didn't. So I let them know, and the very next day they told me they were shipping a replacement.

I got it today. This plant is a little bigger, but it still looks terrible! It's dropped at least 20% of it's leaves, the tips of the plant are curled and purple in color and look like they are going to fall off. It doesn't look good.

I don't know why I am having such trouble with this plant! If it just doesn't ship well or what? I have received several plants from Logee's that were fine and now two of this Columnea that look like death!

I would really like to save this there anything I can do?? I have placed it in a clear plastic bag off to the side of the growth lights for humidity...what do you think?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I think this plant doesn't need the bag. It tolerates low humidity without balking. It doesn't like wet feet, so make sure it dries down to nearly dry between waterings. There really isn't much you CAN do, other than water correctly, make sure the light is adequate, and wait to see if the plant comes around. Because of where the plant is in its growth cycle, a turn-around is going to take some time, so consider it a plus if you've been blessed with a good measure of patience.


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I agree with tapla. I have tried to grow columnea and I just find them to be finickey. Maybe it's just not the best time of year for it. I prefer to order plants in Spring. I hope your plant makes it. It looks like it will, just give it time to adjust. Also, Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses has a great selection of columneas.

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You should have let Logee's know as soon as you got it. I've had such bad luck with their plants dying right after their guarantee period expires that I don't buy from them any more.

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I would definitely call and report a possible diseased plant.
If it is, they will hopefully send you a clean one, and if it is not, you can relax knowing it can be easily fixed.

Take a picture of it and ask them if it is some sort of disease. I would be curious to know myself.


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