is this a silver philodendron???

emerald1951December 25, 2012

Hi all....I rescued this plant from lowes....
I really like this little guy, how do I get it going???
I repotted it to get better, well draining soil, and I gave it a tiny bit of fertilizer, and put it in filtered light...and the leaves as you can see are curled and a few turned yellow and fell seems to be going the wrong way..dying.....can I save it and how.....I seem never to have any luck with philodendrons.....thank you for any help...I would really like to grow theses pretty plants....linda

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Drock(Z5 Boulder, CO)

Yep, Scindapsus pictus.
Common names: Silver Philodendron. Satin Pothos.

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Drock(Z5 Boulder, CO)

Mine does well in filtered light. I let the soil get pretty dry between watering. Seems to be sensitive to over watering, much like Epipremnum aureum (Pothos).

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dellis326 (Danny)

Scindapsus is more closely related to Monstera and Epipremnum. It is not a type of Philodendron despite this common name. It is from Asia and Philos are from Central and South America.

Keep it in a well draining mix or you can grow it in water, and don't let it dry, always just a little damp but not soaked. Like Epipremnum, you can let it hang or climb. The leaves should grow bigger if it is climbing.

They will grow in bright indirect light to some direct sun for a short part of the day, full sun all day may be a bit too much for them.

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