Look At My New Gem :) (Beautifully Colored Thanksgiving Cactus)

moonwolf_gwDecember 4, 2011

Hi everyone,

Look at what mom bought me today at Wal-Mart. They had quite a few hanging TC's but this one really caught our eyes :). In the sunlight, the flowers look yellow! See for yourself!

(Same bud as the previous one but held my hand up to dim the light)

The entire plant

So what do you think? Is this a true yellow TC or have I just found a peach colored one that was grown in high light? I'll let you judge. If someone finds that it's the yellow one, I'll share cuttings in the spring :).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Brad, beautiful TC, but no, not a true yellow. :)
In Pic 3, the front bloom looks yellow, but all others look peach or white..Sorry. Toni

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Hi Toni,

Thank you :). Hmm, must be the light exposure the plant got before we bought it since the two open blooms on it are a light yellow. It's funny since the buds start out pink, then chage to white and then get splashes of peach as they age. I told mom I'm thinking of calling it a Rainbow or Chameleon Cactus lol. I saw Mike's TC in his thread that he thought was yellow and it has the same coloring as mine. It's such a pretty color though.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Very pretty TC. Our Walmart only has tiny ones, none the size of yours.

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Blue, yellow, white or peach! It doesn't matter, because what ever you got is just fantastic! What a great Mom you have too! You could be so lucky. It will be in safe hands with you!

Thank you for sharing with us:-)


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zzackey(8b GA)

I suggest you mark those branches with a string or something and when it has finished blooming start some cuttings. Maybe you have a sport.

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Not 100% sure but i think it is a hybrid called "Golden Girl"
Has Pinkish buds that turn yellow and after the Flowers open yellow as they get older they turn a peachy color after the flowers wilt completely, looks like a mushed up dark peach. I was at my local walmart when they got their shipment in and i found 2 in their mixed group. Greedy me bought them both.LOL
I saw where a nursery in Ohio had it for sale earlier in the year
I ordered 1 from the other nursery to compare, but don't know if i will get it now.
Will let you know if the other 1 comes in'

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