Stand Tall Fescue!

JHazzardB(OK Zone 7)April 6, 2012

Hey guys, fescue mainly established. But something that annoys me:

I mow a different direction every time I mow (about 5-6 times a month)

Every time I mow, I switch from North-South, to NE-SW, to E-W, to NW-SE. I don't ever mow the same direction for fear of providing heavy wear and traffic. I know, I'm crazy.

The annoying thing to me, my yard isn't springing back upright really. I can still see mow mower wheel trails (or about 50% definition) around 3 weeks after.


Water supply-.5" a week being dispersed every other day. (trying to teach the new seedings to grow deeper roots)

Fertilizer- Starter fertilizer in February when reseeded. Other than that 726 gallons of almost-composted leaves that are mulch in front yard. Same for back yard. I'm thinking there's plenty of nutrients in that concoction to feed the yard.

Growth rate- Around 2 inches a week. Seems too fast for me.

Mow Height- According to Toro, mower is set at 3 1/4 inches. Little ruler in the yard says about 3.5 inches. Grass does grow to about 5 inches before I mow, some more some less. And I do take off more than 1/3 :/

Anyway, how can I get my grass to stand up? Mow lower? Water more or less? Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Everything is right. It is time to fertilize with real fertilizer. I would wait until the lawn is not growing 2 inches per week. That will happen here real soon after the spring flush of new growth ends. You helped it grow much faster by fertilizing in Feb. Had you skipped that it might be growing only 1 inch per week right now.

It could also be your soil is deficient in a micronutrient or two. A really good soil test would tell you. Logan Labs, in Ohio does a really good test. Most universities do not get into the micronutrients.

In the fall consider overseeding to improve the density of the turf. Apparently the grasses are not dense enough to support each other side by side.

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Tall fescue does that, it's just the nature of the beast. If you mow lower it won't be so pronounced, but even at 2.5 inches my mower tracks and striping is still visible after a week or so.

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