cyn427 (zone 7)April 9, 2010

I have a spot adjacent to our patio that used to be lawn and is now hard-packed dirt thanks to the two rescued galloping gardeners now inhabiting the backyard. Does anyone know anything about the newer artificial turfs on the market-how expensive, how they would hold up to our mother/son tag team, etc? I would like to have grass, but we have tried to re-establish several times and the pups just destroy it once they get running and wrestling. Any suggestions are welcome. Most of the rest of the yard (zone 7, northern VA) is wooded, so whatever they do is fine. I just want a small patch of green lawn or something that at least LOOKS LIKE lawn. The area is part shade and is about 500-600 sq. feet.



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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

You can get pattio carpet, its green or brown, plastic and can be used out doors. (home depot or lowes) I dont know what you will use under it though. You might have to put a layer of play sand down and pack it and level it.
With that, you have to use a glyphosate to keep plants, weeds and real grass from growing on it if it stays wet.

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I read an article recently about artificial turf that said that it is much improved from the original Astroturf (some will even create blades of different shapes to mimic the mixes that are most common in the area). But there are still problems, for example, they can accumulate leaves, debris, dirt etc, they can get uncomfortable on bare feet, they have to be replaced periodically, they're expensive.

I don't remember the details and don't have a link.

If I remember correctly, the author was impressed with the improvements, but not willing to switch, but said that there are times the new stuff might work for some people.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Thanks, Bill and BP.

I suspect that the new stuff may be cost-prohibitive for me, but I do so want a patch of green rather than the wide swath of brown that is there now. Not sure if it would hold up to the dogs' romping. I will keep investigating.

Thanks again for your responses!

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Yes, the new stuff is very much costly. I think this site might help you in this regard. They have some good stuff out there!

Here is a link that might be useful: artificial lawn

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Lawn1298 registered today and posted (in a year old thread) a link to the site that is also the site he lists in his user profile.

I'm not at all suspicious.

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