Anyone hydrofrac a well before? What about results?

parafly9April 22, 2008

My well's yield sucks. I had a difficult time last year keeping my lawn watered. This year I have a similar situation where I just run out of water way to soon when using irrigation.

i found out my well has never been hydrofractured. Rather than spend $9000 on a new well, I was thinking of frac'ing it.

Anyone done it? how were your results? Did you do a zone frac or a single frac?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Where do you live?
As long as you are fracturing it, can you go deeper before you do?

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I was thinking the same thing but they want a LOT of $$ to go deeper. Like $2000 just to set it up and then $10 a foot to go down.

Plus if i go any deeper then I need a new , bigger, well pump, which means more power, which means new wire (copper alone is gonna cost 1000 to rewire it)

My current well is ~600 feet deep.

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Not only a bounce of the message, but a question from the ignoramus in Pennsylvania: What's hydrofracting?

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from :

What Is Hydrofracturing?

Hydrofractuirng is a process by which water is injected into a low yield water well at a high pressure and volume opening up and cleaning out the existing fractures found in the rock. This process is designed for hard rock wells (i.e. if the well will stay open without the need of being cased after drilling it is a candidate for hydrofracturing).
There are two types of hydrofracing that we preform standard hydrofracture and zone hydrofracture.

Standard Hydro fracture:

Consists of a single packer that water passes through and pressurizes the whole well. This method is used to develop a greater production rate for low yielding wells.

Zone Hydrofracture:

Consists of two packers that are set either 60 or 80 feet apart.Water is then forced in between the two packers creating pressure to be forced in between the 60 or 80 foot zone rather than pressurizing the whole well. This method has a greater sucess rate and more productive results. However it is also the more costly of the two types and used as a last resort to raise the wells productivity, in most cases standard hydrofracture is sufficient.

The success rate for this process has a national average of 95% success, making the Hydro-Frac® process the most effective well development tool available.

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Hmm. Proving I was just too lazy to use Google. Thanks!

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Any drillers still use dynamite? Best bet may be a surface vault. Best price may be drilling deeper if your authority allows.

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Im planning on getting hydrofrac-ed with a few cold ones tonight.

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egghead2004(5/Central MA)

skoot cat,

I'm with you!


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I had my well hydrofractured. I'd had two wells drilled and decided to try hydrofracturing before drilling yet another.

I didn't have great success with it and the results were such that I didn't have to pay anywhere near full price -- I only went from 1 to 2 gpm and that didn't meet the guaranteed increase in volume. He used the zone pack method and was quite disappointed with the measured result since the pressure gauge indicated he'd been successful in opening a vein at least two different places (there was a nice large/rapid drop in pressure).

Would I do it again? Yes. Over time I think the volume has gotten better, probably because more silt has washed out of the cracks. Since I don't have a large family or huge manicured yard the gallon increase has been sufficient -- I have yet to run the well dry and I've stopped being careful about not washing the car, watering the lawn and doing laundry all at the same time.

Both my neighbors have 8-9 gpm wells (sigh).

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I had it done friday. I'll post my results later. It seems to be better, but the true test will be running the sprinklers.

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My well was 120 ft deep and produced around 3 gpm. We hydrofrac'd and it brought us maybe 5-8 gpm (when there isn't a drought), but it also knocked junk into the well so it's now only 80 ft deep. Were told recently by a very experienced, well-respected well driller that he would NEVER hydrofrac such a shallow well. No way, no how, we were duped, in his opinion. Next time we're just drilling deeper. With such low production and a 1-acre lawn to water, we're suffering here in Spokane, Wash., by late July.

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