jean planter ?

sorie6(6b ok.)July 30, 2008

Has anyone sold these? I've made some and would like to sell them but not sure. Would you leave the plastic bags in them(used to shape them)They are urethaned inside. Would you put a pot in them to sell or let buyer put own pot in it? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

Image link:

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I would leave the plastic bags in them to display them for sale. I would have one with a pot in it for display but let the buyers put their own pots in the ones they purchase. How much are you selling them for? They are certainly cute.

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I agree with grannytoo. Possibly have a potted plant to show how GREAT it will look with a plant in it. I think they are adorable. Do you mind giving directions on making them?


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That is sooo cute. How'd you do that? Are they real jeans?

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Thanks for your suggestions. They are very easy to make here goes hope this makes sense.
I do use REAL jeans. Or kids short overalls. You can use any kind of glue. Stiffy, liquid starch ,Elmers. Some people dilute it. I didn't. Put it (glue) in a dish pan, bucket ect. I turn them (pants) wrong side out first and soak them in the glue. turn right side out and soak again. I've used 31/2 clay pots to put in the bottom of legs if they are shorts, I've used water or beer bottles filled with rocks or sand in the longer legs. DH made the the neatest frame from PVC pipe that I Hook them to so they stand up better. If anyone is interested I'll send a pic of it.
I then stuff plastic bags in the legs and top. I put a plastic pot at the top to hold it while it dries. When dry I put at least 3 coats of urethane on them.
Hope this helps. Thanks

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I have seen these planters before and always wondered how in the heck they made them. They were always made from real children's clothing. I think they are just wonderful! Thank you so much for the instructions.

I agree with the other ladies that you should show some of them with a potted plant in them. Some people have a hard time visualizing how something will look when completed. You might even be able to sell the pot and plant too! Keep posting pics of your work. I love this kind of stuff!

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sorie how much glue did you use / what size bottles? Does elmers come in big containers? They sure are cuties....

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Very Cute.... Just A D O R A B L E ! ! ! !
I sure like the Idea !!!
Thanks for sharing the pics & The Instructions !!!
I think you could sell them... they are precious...
You could also use them as some storage
for child 's room..... storage... or organizational stuff
or for dirty socks... whatever....

I think they are cute for inside...
or even on the patio ! ! !
God Bless !
I like them;;;;

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Leveta I used Stiffy glue the first time and didn't dilute it. then I used Elmer's and use 2 cups to 1 cup water. It took that much to make one pair of jeans. There was a little left over but not much. Yes Elmer's comes in gallons at Home Depot here in the Denver area.

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Found this pic with plants in it......

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thanks for the info...

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That is adorable!
If you get pots really, really cheap it is good to have them onhand with a little higher price.
Definately display with a plant a selling point is that you can place a plant you already have on hand in it and save a few bucks!
Great job.

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Mind is a buzzin. These are adorable. Suggested selling price? What would be a fair price?

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sorie6(6b ok.)

I'm going to start at $30. Don't know for sure. There's a lady on HGTV that makes them and sells them for $50. But she does a lot more steps than I do and puts a copper glaze on them to make them look antique.
I will display a plant in them. May also put some baby things and suggest it be used for a baby shower? what do you think?
I'm also going to try using liquid starch. It's a little cheaper and will serve the purpose of making it stiff until you can urethane it.

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Sorie6, do you have a link to the ones on HGTV that have a copper glaze?

Is the urethane water based, or oil based?

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I just saw what the jean planter that everyone is talking about on here, years ago. I looked for the ones on HGTV, :( no longer there. I have not seen the ones with copper glaze & was wondering what that would look like. The lady I spoke to about making them told me she uses Stiffy Bow glue & after it dries puts 2 coats of clear Polyurethane so they are nice & stiff. Guess I will try it out & repost at a later date.

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