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Lamora(4)December 15, 2012

Hi Everyone, :) Hope your weekend is going well.

I have a question on where to get shallow pots? I can't find any anywhere, WM, HD, Lowes, anywhere. Even last Spring I could not find them. I came across one in a Thrift store last Summer, it is great for small rooted plants.

Does anyone have any idea of where else I can go? Is there a site I can look into? All I can find is normal size, no shallow ones. I really hate ordering online, (I like to see what I am getting) but if I must, I will. But I would really love to have more than the one.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance~~ :)

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I'm not sure how shallow you are talking, but I too have been looking for shallow pots. Saw these "azalea pots" at hd yesterday and snapped a pic so I'd remember the size/price. Might still be a little big for what you're looking for

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

If you are looking for pots about 3" deep, I think they are called bulb pots and very hard to find here too. :-( Maybe try a nursery?


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Hello Lamora, I have ordered pots from Novosel Enterprises and was very pleased with them. Other places you could check are the ones that sell African violets/supplies. Other things I've used as pots are the food storage containers, just drill holes in them. Hope that helps.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I use the "drip trays " made to catch water from regular pots. Of course they have no holes but easy fix gary

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Marjie - more info, please? Are you looking for clay, plastic, glazed - pots? Do you want shallow, shallow, as in collection saucer shallow, or as in bulb pan shallow? Bonsai pots come in all sorts of depths, if you're looking for decorative pots ..... Terracotta bulb pans are great choices for medium shallow pots, and azalea pots in plastic or terracotta are readily available, too.


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Thanks all, I was wanting something that I guess would be considered "bulb" pots? about 3" high. The one I have is 3"x6" and perfect for what I want/need. but I only found one. Clay. Would that be a bulb pot? I'm not sure on the differences in names. (yes, still learning~~ :)) All I know I would like some more of that size.

Clay, plastic or other wise. What I am finding out is that a few of my plants have very shallow roots, the pots I am using have too much soil for some of them. My Tilli something-or-other Bromeliad for instance.(tired today) I had to repot her a few days ago, she was very loose, (I thought it was broken off the root system, but she's ok, already looking much better) She has a very shallow root system. So I was thinking a shallow pot for her... but the only shallow pot I have right now is holding another plant, same reason. Plus I think they would be great for small starts of any plant with small roots.

Oh and the food containers? lol, yes, have them too. Yes, they do work. Not quite a pretty tho.. lol

But this is what I was wanting, perfer Clay pots, but any pot will do of this size.. maybe even 4" high.

Thanks for the ideas..

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Marjie - Ahhhh - so THAT's what your question was about. It's a common misconception that plants with shallow root systems, or plants that tend to grow on shallow root systems where they naturally occur, need any special consideration when it comes to pot depth. Pot volume can be a consideration, depending on your soil choice, but as long as you are using a well-aerated and fast draining soil, even plants that tend to grow on shallow root systems will happily colonize even the deepest pots, and plants that DO tend toward shallower root systems will actually do BETTER in deeper pots because deeper pots offer a higher % of well-aerated soil. A soil that supports 4" of perched water at container capacity will be 2/3 saturated when a 6" deep pot is being used, but only 1/3 saturated at container capacity in a 12" deep pot. Container capacity is a phrase used to describe a soil's water retention at a specific point, that being the point where, after the soil's having been fully saturated and allowed to drain. The soil is at 'container capacity' when it is at the point where water has just stopped draining from the soil.

If you do decide you want terracotta bulb pans, so you can avoid the shipping expense associated with the heavier pans, you should probably get to a greenhouse operation asap so you can have them order them for you for inclusion in their spring orders. Azalea pots are fairly common, but the shallower bulb pans are not.


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