What could this be????

dollydee(7-MS)July 30, 2010

I have been saving these for years..LOL Previously a fixture, there are around 20 pieces to it. The longest ones went on the bottom and it got shorter as it went up. I don't have the center rod that went through the middle but I think a bronze/brown cafe rod might fit. What would you do with it??????

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Well, I don't know, but they seem to have reached just the right stage of rustiness to be interesting don't they? Are the arms hollow? Can they be wired? They would make interesting garden lights, mounted on rods, two or three of them together on each vertical rod, wired to 2 watt night-light bulbs. If you could find small glass chimneys and place them over the flowers on the ends it would look like candles. With so many of them, you could create several fixtures around the garden that would look completely (I hesitate to use such an overused term) AWESOME!!

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uglyoodie(z5 OH)

It was probably an old candle "tree" put together like the artificial Christmas trees with graduated sizes

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or, you could go the opposite direction, paint the flowers in something bright, and plant something viny....

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sorie6(6b ok.)
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clc70(8 Wa.)

They are parts to a candleabra. I have 2. Mine are a little different, but the candles went in the "flowers". Florests owned them and they were usually used in weddings and stood about 5-6 foot tall. They are old and if all the parts had been there they would be worth some money. I paid 125.00 for one of mine at auction. I've used mine in weddings twice now for nieces.

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Marlene Kindred

They are indeed the arms from a candleabra...like the swirled ones you see you used in weddings. When I first looked at the rusty ones you have here, I thought the "ends" where the candle would normally go would make a great "beak" for a GJ chicken.....can you weld?

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YES, those are the arms of a spiral candleabra! I used to work at the florist that did the flowers and rentals for my wedding. Smaller handled ones at the top graduating lengths down on a center post. Maybe you could get a length of rebar (check the diameter to make sure it would thread on your "arms")...and then like someone else suggest---weld!
Love, Jules

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