moss control method that's kid and pet friendly?

njitgradApril 18, 2014

My lawn is seriously getting hit with moss this year, worst case since I bought my house three years ago. It's time I fought back.

Are any of the conventional garden-center moss control products safe for use when I have kids that like to roll around on the grass in my backyard and our dog who loves to do the same?

If not, then can anyone recommend an organic or DIY solution?

In addition....I also toss my lawn clippings in my compost 3-bin system. How long after application of any product to kill the moss can I start composting my lawn clippings again.


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Iron application can help suppress moss. 3 oz of iron sulfate or ferrous ammonium sulfate in 5 gallons of water will cover 1000 square feet. Sorry, I don't speak for the safety of ANY product. That is something an individual needs to determine for themselves to their satisfaction for their circumstances.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

MOST moss control products are very safe. They are generally based on Iron Sulfate or Zinc Sulfate (both mined natural products) and are actually beneficial to lawns and plants. Other products use Potassium Soaps of Fatty Acids, widely regarded as being quite safe.

Now, "safe" doesn't equate with "not messy" - the Zinc and (especially) Iron products can stain concrete and peoples' clothing if it's soon after the products were applied.

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So should I wait until a decent rainfall is expected in that case? I just don't want the kids getting it on their clothes/skin

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I hope my pre-emptive disclaimer (as the OP qualified his question) didn't imply any particular safety concerns. It is just a rule of mine that I don't vouch for the safety of anything--even if I know of no concerns regarding a product. I also try my best to never recommend a product without revealing any safety/health concerns that I am aware of.

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Not to beat a dead horse, and personally, I think it is an overreaction to a minor possibility, but the link bellow is an example of why I try to follow my policy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ironite

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Well if iron sulfate has the potential to be caustic I certainly don't want to use it. Are there any organic alternatives?

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Who said anything about iron sulfate being caustic?
There is a big difference between saying something is unsafe and attesting to the safety of something.
I never said iron sulfate was unsafe.
By my standards it is safe. I don't presume to know what your standards might be, so, in an over abundance of caution, I wanted to emphasize that my reply to your question was not to be interpreted as a voucher of safety. As iron sulfate can cause minor skin irritation (as can some common fabric softeners,soaps, etc.), if your child goes out and rolls around in it and gets a mild rash, I don't want you coming back and giving me grief that I had misled you.
Please read the MSDS an make your own informed determination.

Here is a link that might be useful: MSDS

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I used ashes from my pellet stove and it went away. The only issue is it left the grass looking dirty for a while and you don't want to roll in it =P

But the moss went away quickly (so quickly I was having trouble remembering where the moss was in the first place when I went to put more down LOL)

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