gazebo, broken concrete, tipsy pots, bottle tree, etc...

cheribelle(Z5 IA)July 6, 2006

This gazebo was built by me with some help from DH. The top is a 10 ft fiberglass satelite dish. I bought the 4X4 posts that hold it up. The rest was a porch my friend had taken off her house when she remodeled. Funny story. The carpenters she had hired to build her new wrap-around porch took the old one off and loaded it on my trailer for me. When I hauled it off they looked at me like I'm nuts. Then later, they came into the resteraunt where I was working. They recognised me and asked "What are you going to do with that old porch?" I said I'm going to build a gazebo. Professional carpenter says to me " A gazebo, huh? Those are cool, but really tricky." I said Nah, I have a plan. The look on his face was priceless, a waitress telling a professional carpenter she can build a gazebo??? To funny. heeheehee

He has NO clue I have been using power tools and remodeling things for 25 years :0)

The copper trellis on the front is one of my designs, one of many I have built. You can sort of see the bottle tree in the back, and the horse planter I just put in.

We are still working on the broken concrete patio, lots of old stuff on this old farm place to work with, just takes time and WORK.

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barefootin(Z6 PA)

WOW! Great job! It's looking wonderful! How did you get the dish up there?


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veeerrrrrrrryyyyyy carefully....

cheri, you should send your pic to those carpenters...really.

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chena(z8 Texas)

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Ya'll did a wonderful job.... Love the trellis too!!!

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THAT is absolutely lovely!
Thanks for sharing.
Are your tipsy pots "grounded" in the tin bucket?

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cheribelle(Z5 IA)

The tipsy pots are actually behind the bucket. I have a concrete piece with a hole in it, leftover from my construction worker days, that I sunk a copper pipe in the ground thru the hole. I anchored the top of the pipe in an eye-screw in the gazebo roof. I could, and may next time, go clear up since it's anchored both top and bottom!
I carried a pic for weeks, hoping those guys would come in and eat again! I really wanted to show them this one!
We got the poles all in, and I braced the tops with 2X6.
Then it was a matter of lifting the front edge up and leaning it on the poles. Then the 4 wheeler on the back side, tied to a tow rope, and believe it or not that huge dish was up there in like 5 minutes. DH and I work really well together, poor folks with poor ways, we usually
"Git er Done!"

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That is so charming!
I just love it. After I saw one done here a while ago,
I've been on the lookout for a dish to play with.

You did a really wonderful job, it's so cute!
I've never really seen the broken concrete, and I
really love that too.

Thanks so much for sharing!


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I agree with everyone.....You did a terrific job. All of the things in the picture blend so beautifully. GREAT JOB!!!

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I was wondering about the floor of the gazebo...Is it concrete or painted wood?

And what are the steps?...They look like they have pvc pipe on top of each step, sort of..

It is neat...

I've been thinking about putting one up in the back/side of our yard...It is a place my dh doesn't like to mow...We could take care of a lot of that with one of those...or even a square lattice one.


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I have the satelite dish, and 4 posts ready, but then DH got sick and I haven't had a 'helper'.
10 years ago I would have tried to do it by myself, but now my age is
against me! LOL Just can't do as much as I used to.
I, too have had folks 'look' at me when I talk about using
the power tools, but DH and I did woodworkng and were
professional crafters for about 15 years, and the only one I don't like is the table saw,
but the Radial arm saw and the chop saw, usually will take its place.
It gave me great pleasure to read what you told the carpenters.

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pesky1(7, Pacific NW)

Very cool. Very ingenious. VERY talented!

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Your gazebo is beautiful. The whole area looks great together. You did a great job. Jlily

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I love your gazebo.. it looks so beautiful.. priceless..
you could have one build by carpenters.. you wouldn't have this memory nor this look.. sometimes hobby people are better then professionals.. cause they do it for themselves.. not for somebady they don't know.. so they put their heart and soul in it..
I love the colour you chose to paint it and all your accessories around.. this could be a picture from a garden magazine..

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Don't you have any family members you can recruit to get
your gazebo up? expecially during this time with hubby
being ill? I bet if you asked they'd be more than happy
to help during this time.


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cheribelle(Z5 IA)

The porch they took off my friend's house was decked and railed with that plastic stuff. That's why it's white and looks like PVC, it is! She had it taken off because the stuff was just too slick in the winter for them, but in my summer gazebo that's not a problem. I would not want this on a deck that I had to use to come in and out of the house. It was about 10X13, and I needed to go 10', so I used most of it. They even loaded up the 2X10's floor joists and everything. All I had to buy was the 6 4X4's. I was with her son at her house, and she said Do you know anyone who can use that old deck? I'm having them take it off. John just looked at me and rolled his eyes. We used to work together on construction, and I hauled home all kinds of useful rejects. We just can't afford any other way. The guys really teased me when I hauled home some nice big rocks dug up during excavation! I try to keep my stuff fairly together so DH doesn't have to mow around.

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I LOVE everything about this.......the fabulous gazebo itself and the copper trellis, the broken concrete stonework, the tipsy pots and horse planter and blue bottle tree. That wrought iron heart with the mare and foal is wonderful. How proud you must be of this garden area!!!!!
I am totally GREEN with envy, LOL.


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kudzukween(8 MS)

Now that's gorgeous. What a nice peaceful setting. Maybe I should be on the lookout for a sat. dish.....haha. everything came together beautifully.

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Excellent job! Thank you so much for posting it all, it's so encouraging/inspiring! Last year my then 84yr old neibor built hisself a *gazbow* for him and his wife to sit out and watch the trees grow!!! He's so cute! Calls his 20x30ft garden his gymnasium! And is out there all yr around!

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cheribelle(Z5 IA)

Thanks everybody for the nice remarks! I have wanted to chime in on these different subjects, but I had to make it presentable for a picture. Not easy around here....

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you have done a beautiful job(-: I love everything(-:

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Hazie, one of my brothers is building a new house-
lost his in Ivan. The other builds seawalls and is up to his neck in work because of the hurricane damage.
Son-in-law has been helping with re-tarping the rental
house roof and the mobile home, etc. Just not enough
manpower right now! Grin--maybe one day.....

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You did a great job! Very creative. I hope those construction workers see it someday.

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topazcat(z9 Jax, FL)

Oh my! I never would have dreamed that was a satellite dish at one time! You are VERY talented!

Thank you so much for sharing this picture with us.

BTW, if you ever see those construction guys again, you need to remind them to never judge a book by it's cover! LOL

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Bright199(foothills NC)

That is soo AWSOME!! I showed my dh and mom they could not tell it was a satelite. I love the setting and the decor.

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So beautiful and so inspirational! I hope you're still carrying that photo around in case those carpenter guys ever do turn up where you are. ha ha MEN! (but definitely not all! hehe) I remember the first time I told my DH I was going to lay paving... he looked so skeptical. I've yet to meet a woman in Oz who knows her way around power tools of any kind though I know there must be some somewhere! I really love what you've done and agree it's a picture perfect setting. And I love the copper trellis. you're sooo talented!

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gardnpondr(Zone 8)

VERY NICE! I love yours with the floor in it. We are trying to finish up mine. I started it back in 04 and we're doing a flagstone floor in it now. ALMOST finished this evening but I ran out of quic-crete.

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kalona511(z8b TX)

This is fabulous!

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I just love this. And using the old satellite dish is great. I was just thinking the other day about where those had all gone and what one could be used for now.

I'm gonna post your pic and story on my web page if you don't mind.

Here is a link that might be useful: My online Journal

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cheribelle(Z5 IA)

Thanks, I am honored!

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Hi everyone!
Do you have any experiences with a company called My friend saw them at Hampton Court Flower Show and he really liked their gazebos and summerhouses. I am just about to get myself a summerhouse and Iâve found a really good deal for one at Now I wonder if I should go for their offer of installation for £250 or should I arrange it via a local landscaper? Their offer for assembly seems reasonable but I wanted to get some opinions first â do you have any comments? Thanks a lot .

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danaoh(SWOhio zone 6)

You are an inspiration to all - but tell us about the horse on the side - would like to see more of that.

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cheribelle(Z5 IA)

Wow, so cool this post is up again! Thanks!
The horse is one of those children's jumpimg horses. Around here they are junked out or cheap at yard sales. I primed it with plastic paint primer and coated it with granite look spray paint. Cut the top of the saddle out for a planter. I think it looks really awesome, and have collected a couple more as future projects.

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use2bcapecodr(z5 OH)

I am totally impressed. The whole area is absolutely lovely!!


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Hi Cheribelle,
I have a very large fiberglass satellite dish, I was going to make a pond out of it, had it dug out, put in, was going to brick around the underside lip, and then attach a 2" pvc drain with a screw down drain cap. All was going well when my daughter decided that she needed a pool. That was ok, plug it with what ever just to get wet and get summer heat off. She invited a friend and the last thing I said was "NO HORSE PLAY"... They got my dawn from my kitchen "sneaky devils" and was having "fun" when the friend slipped and put a tooth thru her tounge. Sad, So I closed it up.Still got it though, and want to go GAZEBO... So, what did you use to raise the floor, what cut do you make in the 4x4's or could you use pvc to set the top on. And what type of paint will stick to the fiberglass? I painted brick around my hollies just ole house paint, so time to do over.I'm 49, got 2 grown kids, and hus. is 65 and ill, I am yard boy carp. housekeeper, nurse etc.... So you're input would be inspiring. Don't know too many women that attack projects like us.My background doesn't neccessarily support these projects, I just learn as I go and bend any ones ear that will listen and teach. It's great girl, more power to you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bookmark   September 3, 2007 at 12:14AM
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cheribelle(Z5 IA)

Hi Beegee!
We went the pond route first with an 8 ft, didn't like it, and yeah the kid had to swim in it, been there!
I started with the 4x4 posts. drew a 10 ft circle where I wanted the gazebo (dia. of this dish) and divided it into 6 equal parts. DH did help with the post holes, and we put them in with concrete and made sure they were plumb. Then with the lumber from the old porch, I put in the floor joists.
After the floor joists were all leveled up and solid, I put up braces on the top of the posts to slide the dish up onto. Sure wish I had taken pictures...
Anyway, Get DH back out there and we rolled the dish into place with the front edge up on the posts. Hooked a rope over the top from the front of the dish, and hooked it to the 4 wheeler. (Would have used the jeep if we didn't have the wheeler)DH lifted and guided while I pulled and it really went up slick and easy. After, I used lag screws to fasten the top onto the posts, then removed the braces around the top and finished the floor.
I didn't make any cuts in the 4x4s, just lined them up under the rim and lag screwed it on. Predrill of course.
Use KILZ primer, that will stick to anything! Then paint with exterior housepaint. I had to get a small sponge roller to get the curves, the 10 inch roller wouldn't cover well in places.
Hope this helps!

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The Gazebo looks so pretty and inviting...I've always wanted one...(Doesn't hurt to want) too much...I do have a rocking horse that I could make into a planter...I'm not the creative soul that my Mother was, and I enjoy reading about all of your ideas.

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I have a mesh one that we got free, by going to the ladies house and taking it down. But that was the year Bill was diagnosed with cancer and the started all that hurricane business, and it is still out in the back yard. (I still have shed and porch roofs that need to be fixed.)
I guess I will have to get my son-in -law or Brother-in -law to help me--as soon as I get the weeds, etc cleared up after a couple of years of neglect, while I took care of Bill. It's slow going right now!

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cheribelle(Z5 IA)

I placed an ad in the free shopper that we would take down these dishes, got more calls than we could handle! Still managed to get home with probably 10....
The mesh ones are tops for my chicken pens.
Still have 2 un-used- so far.

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adina72(z5 CNY)

That is absolutely awesome. I would love to see more photos of your stuff. Do you have an online album or website?

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cheribelle(Z5 IA)

Heavens no! But thanks!
Here is a side view of the horse

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I hope you don't mind, but I've had a pic of your gazebo with all it's pretties in my journal for inspiration since spring. I love the broken sidewalk and all the other reuses you managed. Some day.....Hopefully.

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I love your special area! You really are innovative in your designs. I also love the bottle tree in the background that really gives a splash of color. Keep up the great work!

    Bookmark   September 8, 2007 at 3:51AM
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I was so glad to see this come to the top again!
Newbies are always pulling up great stuff for us
to all enjoy again!. This has always been one of my favorites.


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shawnee(zone 5/6)

Oh for cryin' out loud, if you hadn't told me you used a satellite dish I'd have never guessed it. What a coup!

Love it...!

    Bookmark   October 12, 2007 at 10:24PM
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Love your gazebo! I have wanted to do one of them for years.
I just tossed a horse from a swing set that was broken. I knew when I did that I would regret it!! One of these days will find another!!!

Hubby and I have just finished our first bottle tree. Have been making windchimes from bottles and whirly things from drink cans. 2 1/2 months until I retire(hubby already having the fun).

    Bookmark   October 13, 2007 at 6:23PM
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me oh my that is sommmmmmmme fantastic work....
that is sooooo inventive!
you must be quite a gal//// I feel so blessed to have gotten to see your work..... it
makes me feel I have known you forever...
THANKS FOR the pictures and
FOR giving us the directions and help!
I can always B E L I E V E it might come true for me
one day !!!
GOD BLESS YOU and Family!
GOD BLESS A M E R I C A !!!!!!

    Bookmark   October 13, 2007 at 7:41PM
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