I hope I didn't "goof"

Lamora(4)December 7, 2012

Hi all-- IT'S FRIDAY!!
Well yesterday, I was looking, feeling and talking (yes, I talk to my plants) to see that they were all ok, when I picked up one plant and the whole pot just tore apart! Very thin plastic thing, but was working till now.

The only other pot I had of that size, had another plant in it... so.. I did some repotting/rearranging with some other plants, just for this one silly plant. Now I want to repot them all!! (I won't tho, not yet) I put a lot of plants that were in water, in soil, (they were over taking my poor beta fish) and they look great so far. Put some smaller plants (same kind) in one pot, repotted one that was getting very close to root bound.. now I have room for more!! lol

umm ok, maybe I repotted more than I thought~~ but after I did the NEEDED one, then the other, I just kept thinking of what I could do with the rest... thinking... should NOT DO THAT!! lol.. but it's all good. So far they all seem to be happy in their new pots. I am not sure, but the one that was almost root bound.. was singing!! She sure looks better today...
I know, I know, you don't have to tell me... it is NOT the BEST time of year to do what I did, but it is done, nobody to blame but me, myself and I, if it doesn't work out.

OH and I also put tags on them! Now I can tell you just want plant I am talking about if I have a question! So there! :p lol I think I have one mixed up tho, but will look it up to make sure. Common name on one side of tag, proper name on the other.. well most tags are like that, still need to look up some proper names for some..

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to all~~ "HI" and let you know how bored I am~~ lol..

Love you all

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Hi Marjie.
I didn't see your thread Friday...now it's Saturday, so Happy 'belated' Friday, and Happy Saturday! :)

Don't worry..I think we've all repotted plants even though the Golden Rule is to wait.
In fact, before GW, I'd plant numerous plants after New Year's, especially the month of February, when days are dark and boring. Oh yes, winter IS boring.

The only plants I don't bother during winter are succulents..especially dormant succulents and bulb succulents.

Tropicals are a little different. As long as roots aren't disturbed, too much, there shouldn't be any problems.

Don't know if you saw my thread about whacking Jades??? It was done in November..I assumed Jades, especially after being whacked would not leaf, but trunks are filling out.

About labels..One other thing you should write on the tag is the date of purchase. 'If there's room.' lol
It's nice knowing ages of plants. Only problem is, after tagging, tags, like socks in the washer, get lost. lol.
I bought permanent, thin-tipped markers so water/misting/rain won't smear names and dates.

Marjie, how many plants do you now have? Dare I ask? lol

How's your BRomiliad doing? Were you able to remove babies?

Anyway, have a great wkend. It's sooo very dark here..4 days in a row. I need sun, as well as plants..Thank God for plant lights..:) hugs,, Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I try not to but only have a problem with it when there's not enough light, like doing it as they're coming inside for winter. Since your plants were inside already, that's not part of the equation. I would hold off on major soakings for the immediate future, while the roots are not yet colonizing the whole soil.

I'm bored too and have been tending to details like that too, you gotta do what you gotta do. You could channel your time and energy into making a photo record of your plants on your computer. Take a pic of each, open the pics in Paint, and "write" the names on them. If you want to get really fancy, you can use those labeled pics in a spreadsheet (Excel,) to make notes and such...

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Poor fish! LOL! I used to have a Beta, love them! Bet he's happy to have his bowl back.

I've been busy taking care of plants that were neglected over summer. :-( So hoping my repots do O.K.

I've got a small zoo, so no time to get bored. lol..

I knew someone who would put an extra label in a baggie, and bury it in the pot, against the side, close to top, so if one was lost, there was a back up. Something I'm thinking of doing! I've been 2 days now trying to find some missing tags. lol

I've tried sharpies, permanent markers on labels outside and they fade by end of summer! Need to get me the pencil for garden tags. I've seen them at Homedepot. Got dad one a few yrs back.

Hope everyone's plants do well!

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We just finished trimming and bathing our dog, Coco.
Now, we need to drive about 20 miles south to buy bird food. But, it's sooo gray neither dh or I feel like doing anything. Although getting out might help. It's just getting started, if anyone knows what I mean.

I removed all plants from the bedroom windows..still have to clean the outside pane, then lock, clean the inside, and place plants, 'mostly Hoyas,' on shelves.

Also, trying to decide if I should pot my TC's in one large hanging basket instead of individual pots. I had them potted together before, but can't recall why they were placed back in seperate containers.

I should decorate the house for Christmas, but we tossed the couch...I'm sooo irked at dh. I wanted to order a new couch from Sears, but he chose another store..He placed the order 2-weeks ago. It's not due to arrive until the 'END' of Dec! So, we're w/o a couch. Nowhere to sit in the LR other than the carpet.

So, even though there's much to do, I'm BORED! It's times like today I feel like buying a new plant..lol

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Hi again! Saturday night now-- lol.
Hopeful~~ I did a few succluants, put three in one pot, kinda pretty really. But that was the pot that broke. So far they look good.

how many plants? let me recount-- 23 now. That is pots, I put 3 TC's in the same pot (babies)

My Tillandsia Bromeliad? I have no idea what is going on with her, I cut off the quill when it died, did not take them apart or off the mother plant, wanted to see them bunched together, maybe that was a mistake?

It isn't growing, the pups are not developing, but it is Winter, will they grow in Spring/Summer? I have been trying to find info on that and can't find anything on how, or when they develop. It isn't dying, just looks like a huge clump of grass. Any ideas on what it is doing? Going to do?

Lables with dates, I have a note book with the dates that I bought/recieved them, comes in handy too... need to update it tho, something spilled on it and it is hard to read now. Stupid cat anyway.

umm 20 miles for bird food?? I thought my dog was spoiled!! kidding of course. hope the ride helped some..

oh, and I give you permission to buy a new plant~~ tell your DH "it is cheaper than a coutch" lol

purple~~ been thinking of making an album for my plants, make a file on the computer for them too, but I am not computer smart, will have to get my brother to help me with that.. wish my daughter was here for that, I understand her better..

jojosplants~~ yes, my fish seems much happier now, I named him Merlin, ;) His bowl is right in the middle of all the plants on the shelf, he actually seems to be depressed when I take them down to water them.. or maybe it is just me.. lol and it helps the plants with humidity, very dry air here. Works out for the both of them.

Hope you are all having a great weekend~~ even if it is boring-- :)

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

im likin' the TAG idea's,,
ive been just kinda making 'mention' of various plant related 'tasks' into a Notepad, including dates/times, then i just search '2012' and copy that all onto another 'PLANT' notepad cronologically,,, so i have a list of any significant event for every plant, thats searchable by name or date.

i didnt start dating acquisitions till mid-summer tho,,
its hard NOT to fiddle with em in the Fall/Winter,, theyre not really doing much lol
even the cuttings ive struck are more-or-less just surviving.

(except for Scheffleras) 50-60% of mine have taken it in stride,, and if they dont,
Oh Well,, i HAD to do it,,,, i was bored hehe
but man, once that repot bug hits,, Watch-It! :)

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Sunday Morining...I'm bored. lol. j/k. Too early to feel any emotions..
Woke at 6am, watched tv...it's so dark, hope there's sunshine today.

Margie, what type of succulents did you repot? As long as you were careful, w/o seperating roots, they should be okay.

23! Wow, I remember you had a Spider Plant..lol. You see, that's how the addiction starts...coming to GW doesn't help..well, if you don't want to add more plants it doesn't help.
If you like new, rarer plants and want to learn, there's many new plants to find, and much to learn here.

I've had luck raising Aechmea Bromiliads pups, but never tried Tills. To be honest, Till types are a lot more complicated, 'unless one is an expert.' And expert I'm not.

Long ago, before I read about removing Brom babies, I left babies on mom..she died. It was years before I bought another Brom assuming Broms were short-lived plants.
After reading babies can make new plants, I bought A. Fasciata, and w/work and luck, mom had 7 babies.

Are you talking about Till pups not growing?
If so, it doesn't matter what type of light mom gets, but babies need light to grow. And humidity....
What type of light are they getting?
Marjie, a regular light bulb helps..truly.

I've been keeping plant journals over 10-years. But if something happens to the pages, 'like w/your cat, and my 2009 journal/bottle of water fell on it, smearing ink,' you've lost all data.
In 2009, I bought quite a few plants..:(

I now write the date a plant is purchased on my online photo album, but the tags come still come in handy, too..if they don't get lost..lol.
It's nice going back the year a certain plant was adopted.

Yep, about 20 miles..but I couldn't get hold of the seller until 5pm. We left here at 6 or so..got lost..the town is small, w/horses walking down side streets/woods..of course we got lost..it didn't help the city was doing road construction. We were on a very dark, spooky road that seemed to go on forever and ever. And dh was w/this time. If I had been alone I'd be in TN about now..lol. Still driving.
The reason I drive so far is, seller sells 25lb bags of bird seed, 5lbs of Millet and 5-pound bags of grains. I buy two of each. She gives me a deal. If I were to buy this amount in a pet store, the cost would be $200-300.

Yep, pets are spoiled..I also make them a pot a 15 beans, various veggies, fruits, rice and spaghetti. I freeze all but one bag. At night they get scrambled eggs w/corn, peas and sweet potatoes on bread..lol.
Yep, spoiled! lol

Then there's our dog. We order out once a week..he always gets something, too..hot dog or burgar.

Heck,, even plants are spoiled..lol.

Afterwards, we stopped at Walmart..you won't believe this, but I didn't even check to see if they had plants!!! No siree, bob, got a few items, 'grocery,' then went home.

Believe me when I say, there are some plants that cost 5 times more than a couch..A plant I'll never have.
Right now, there's no couch in the LR..not even a chair..It's bare.

Let's hope Sunday is less boring..but I have a feeling......

Hey SS. Wish I could list plants in chronological order, but there's no way.
I've written down plant names on note pads, w/o dates, just to see how many I had..I gave up!! lol.
I've counted plants in the past, but since, the number has grown..some died, some added.
Maybe a computer program is a good idea, but like Margie, I wouldn't know how it's done, besides, I don't want to buy more software...

There are many Pros to tags..Depending on label size, 'larger is better for added detail,' not only can name of plant be written, but date, size of plant when purchased, and name of nursery bought from.
Of course, to add all that info, we'd need 7+" tags.

Can't recall where I've seen this before, but some people add different colored decals on tags indicating watering time, fertilizing and repotting. Not a bad idea if one has the time and long enough labels. :)

So, I settle w/name of plant and date, including what I've stated above.

Pro: Losing labels. Don't know where they hide out..as indicated above, tags are like socks getting lost in the washer.

You can find ways to work w/plants in winter..I soak tropicals in the sink. Mist. Trim. Remove dead growth/leaves. Add Superthrive, 'no fertilizer.' Check for pests. Spray w/home-made insecticide, as a preventative every 2-3 weeks. Talk and sing to plants....

SS. If you've posted pics or added to a photo page, perhaps you can find dates when purchased??? Toni

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

I use a red straw or blue in my cactus and succulents to remind me when they are dormant. :-)

red is summer dormant, blue, winter. ;-)

back later!
Have a good day all.


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Hi, woke up to white stuff on the ground this morning, I don't like it, but we need it, it's about time too. Seems to be coming later every year, and less of it. Farmers are going hurt in the summer if we don't get a lot more.

My Sadie loves the snow, she will roll in it like it is the best thing in the world! She loves to catch snowballs too, she's great in a snowball fight!

The succluants I potted were 2 Tri-color and 1 Gollum Jades, still very small. I put them in the same pot, did not upset the roots a whole lot, kept most the old soil on them just for that reason. So far tho, they seem to be doing fine. Pretty pink pot-- lol

The CC that my DH brought back from the dead (never going to hear the end of that one either!) It is in a bowl, no holes and in plain potting soil, nothing added. It is coming along and I wanted to put it in a pot with holes and a good soil mix, from the way it looks, it should have well established roots now. Should I repot it now? or wait a bit longer? He said it was up to me. I just don't want to goof again with it.

The light for the Bromeliad right now is a florence (sp?) shop light. We have 3 lights on the plants, (in different areas of course) the one mentioned above, a plant light (I think) and a reg lamp light. Not the best situation for them, but it is what we have to work with.

MY HOUSE!! is going to have sun roofs all over the place!! lots of light!! windows!! open space!! SELF CLEANING!! Oh wait, back to reality, that cost something.. like.. money.. don't it.. /sigh

My DH keeps telling me not to give up yet. But that is so hard to do in the situation we are in right now.. I think most my dreams are gone..

another subject-- :)

Hopeful-- I give up,, what kind of bird/birds do you have??
I can hardly keep up on the 3 cats and one dog! Well, 2 cats in the house,(they hate each other) and a beautiful stray that lives on the back porch. He love us, the other cats and even Sadie.. but will not come in the house. More wild than anything, but he will sleep, eat and just stay on the porch. Loving cat tho, I named him White Shadow.. he just kinda follows us around the yard, talking and rubbing our legs as we walk. He sure can talk too, never heard a cat talk so much! lol

But anyway, yes, 10:00 am, Sunday and it is going to promise to be another boring day, may be somewhat productive in some ways, but boring none the less-- lol

Have a great day- or try to.

p/s hopeful-- at this point, my DH would start bringing in the Lawn chairs in the living room?? Just a thought~ :)

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Marjie- are you a newbie like me? Although I am a newbie I feel I started off with more knowledge than most. I knew a little about some stuff, then I just used plain ole logic. And the rest is where my GW friends come to help. Love my GW'ers!!!

I recently repotted some of my stuff, maybe cuz I was bored. But I feel better that I did. The last thing I want to repot right now is my rubber tree and my gifted palm. But both are super fussy so I will wait till spring. I hate both their pots and the palm seems too top heavy for the stupid pot I put it in. But that was all I had at the time I potted it.

Talking about your animals being spoiled??? My dang plants are spoiled. ***Brats*** i miss my beagle. Had to put him down end of July. He was 10. I miss him so much. We had been through alot together. *sigh*

Tagging plants... Thought bout that a few times but the more time passes, the more I know and remember about them. I do have a binder with all my plants seperated by divider tabs. I have the date i aquired it... Who from or where from....any issues i have had with the plant...when i see new growth so i can log an idea of how long it took for the sprout to spring. I have a file on my computer with pics of the plants that i try to update every so often. But I cant dona file on the computer... I like good ole fashioned paper and pen.

I am 34 yr old and right in the middle of this technology boom and I hate it. The only thing I love love is my iPhone. I am able to take pictues of my kids right on the spot rather than getting a camera. Everything else, i could care less about!!

I stRted with one scheff, now I have 23. Ha!!

Hope everyone isnt bored today. I am.. Family watching football, kids napping. Might follow suit on that one but if anyone is ever bored... Im here, always looking to chat it up with someone!!!! Start a BS thread or email me. I will talk to ya!!

Have a good one!!

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JoJo, that's a great idea. I have a few bulb succulents that lose leaves during certain seasons..Of course, tags were lost, and I can't guess which are which..alive or dead. Thanks....

Marjie..at least you're getting snow..Wish it'd snow here..maybe it'd brighten bleak days..

Same here..Last year we got a couple inches, and a few flurries. It was cold enough to snow, but nada.
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.....

Yep, I agree..Farmers lost so much last summer w/o rain. Cornfields were a disaster!

Sadie is your dog, right?? I sure hope so after asking. lol.
Our beloved Sam, attempted catching snowballs..it's so funny watching a dog jump up only to catching, 'nothing.'

Your succulents should do well. I think ppl get bored this time of year, especially Jan-Feb, feel a need to dirty our hands.

Oh, I'm not going to suggest repotting or not repotting DH/your CC. lol.
If it was MY plant, and it recently bloomed, I'd let it be until spring or at least after its 6-8-week resting period.

Your dream house sounds like my dream house..lol. Never heard of self-cleaning, but what a great idea!
But, I want a built-in solarium, too. No walk outside green house..not in IL. Too cold in winter and a pain to water.
And no stairs to climb up and down..one large house/w/o a basement and attic.

I KNOW what you means about dreams....

Marjie, we have 4 Cockatiels. The eldest male, is the father of one male and one female tiel. The 4th was given to me after the male lost wife number 3.
Oh, and we've been feeding an opposum family..lol. They step up to our back door, look inside, with an inquitive look...where's our dinner?? lol

Oh, poor White Shadow. Once cats live outside, it's difficult luring them in a warm home with regular meals. They're afraid. What will happen to him when it's really cold? I feel so bad.

Maybe he's telling you he wants Meow Mix...lol..Was he born outdoors or do you think someone tossed him out?
God, I don't like even thinking people can be so darn cruel.

4:41pm, and still boring. lol. Can't wait to go to sleep..maybe have sweet dreams....
Have a great night...hope you're not bored...soon you'll be repotting and re-repotting ALL your plants..lol.

Tiff..so sorry about your Beagle. So sad.

I know you were talking to Marjie, but had to jump in.

Like you, I could care less about modern technology. Don't get me wrong..it's great talking to people, all over the world on the net, and buying plants, on the net, but before computers, people got by.. We wrote letters..another pro for computers, boosting the PO out..in the letter dept anyway.
Phones are wonderful, but do we really need all the different packages? 3-way-calling,, etc.
The list is endles, but the wrong forum to discuss technology..

Are you still bored, Tiff? lol.

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Toni, ya know I dont even know if it is boredom. Probably moreso lonely-ism. I dont get alot of adult talk being a SAHM. Nor do me and hubby get out much. My in laws arent much help... And my mom lives 2 hours away. So i dont get alot of adult conversation...not bored, lonely. :)

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Hello again, just trying to eat up some time till the Amazing Race is on-- lol. (anyone but the twins!! please!!)

Yes, My Sadie is a very large Black Lab mix, and ALL DOG!! loves to play catch, with ANYTHING! She is the Queen of Ball distruction, you should see all the dead balls in the yard, basket ball, foot ball, scoccer ball, and not to mention the tennis balls~~ poor things.

We finally found something that she loves and can't tear apart~ believe me, she has and still is trying! but it is just a plain red rubber ring. There were 2 of them tied with a rope, the rope broke and she had 2 rings, and she has had a favorite toy since! Don't go to the rodio ground w/out it.. she will really cuss you out! lol

But she is a great dog, very smart, but she's getting to where she has "selective" hearing anymore. But a good girl none the less.. she will be 3 yrs old on the 23rd.

Tiff, so sorry to hear about your puppy.(they are all puppies to me) I had a Great Dane once, he was 13 yrs when we put him down. Been over 10 yrs now, I still miss him something awful. Prayers and hugs for your loss...

Not really a "newbie" here, just still need to learn more about what I am doing!! lol This place is great, helped me save my first plant, Bonny Spider plant. After that, I was hooked! :)

As far as repotting the CCs are, they didn't bloom, don't think they will yet. I just don't want them to get root rot from too wet soil, they have come too far to start over.

And paper and pen? oh yes, much better for me too, when I can read my writing... umm yeah.. But I really do need to update and re-do my "file" on plants. should have done that instead of playing a new game. oh well. Wish my printer had ink, would make things a lot easier.. to read.. lol

Sorry if this is mixed up, very long night w/sick DH, long day w/confused mom, and a dad that started questioning me on how I was putting in mom's eye drops, again. I am ready to run away~~ with Sadie, anyone wanna join me??

Marjie~~ 10 mins left~~ lol

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Like I said earlier, I have a small zoo and one of it's members just jumped up on the desk and is just hanging out with me, puzzled about the computer! LOL! One of my chickens is at my elbow! Yes, I said Chicken. Her name is Hawk. LOL!!! I know, not very girly, but my son thinks she looks like one, so that's what she's been called.

One of the others has been picking on her so she's been out with the family instead of in the laundry/bird room, with the other chickens and birds.. She's going to sleep now. :-) She hangs out with the dogs, and likes to sneak up on the cat and pull his tail! lol.. the cat gets anoyed and moves to higher ground.

Toni~ I feed my birds like you do! they eat better than us an my friend laughs at how much I cook for them. Even the chickens are spoiled! Yougurt and pumpkin for treats! :-) I drive almost as far to get quality seed for them too. I buy about 150 pounds, several kinds and custom mix for them. They are why I got my jeep wagon years back. Great for the hauls!

Have a number of birds(raise them),
quail, 3 dogs, a cat, a new turtle, and a gecko. :-)

I love Beta's. I used to have several and have even bred them. It probably is happy with your plants around! They are originally from Rice patties, and probably used to plants.

As far as bored, doesn't happen for me. lol.. Zoo.. for starters. And in just a few weeks I will be starting seed trays for the spring garden, crafts always in the works too. right now I'm crocheting a few ornaments in what little spare time I have.

news is saying a freeze tonight, I think I have everyone covered that i'm going to cover and moved one or two in the house. I decided to keep my Desert Rose in for the winter. It doesn't seem to be going dormant, so we'll see how it goes.

I have a shelf to put up soon in the plant/craft room, and come spring will hopefully have plants! lol.. right now I only have about 3 house plants.

I lost a lot of my collection over the past year, inside and out. :-( so it's time to start over.

I'm going to drag out the yarn and crochet for a few then hit the sack. 5 am comes fast!
Talk to you all soon!

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Tiff..I know what you mean.
Dh goes to work, comes home. I serve him dinner, he takes the dog for a walk then sits in front of 'his' tv w/head phones until bedtime.

Plus my family and I had an argument, so I no longer call them, or accept their calls.

And winter is just, plain depressing. Going on a week w/o sunlight.

It seems the most exiting thing I do is go to the grocery store and doctors..and the docs isn't very entertaining..I despise going.

I ended up taking most of my TC's and potting them in a hanging basket..several stems broke, so doubt they'll produce more flowers this year.
See what boredom does??? End up doing stupid things like repotting budded TC's!!!

Tiff, can you, your dh and dk's move w/your mom? Please understand I'm not trying to nosy myself in your business, just a suggestion.

You do need others to talk to. Adult conversation, or at least people who enjoy plants, kids and any other hobbies you're into.

There are many here who like talking to you, so if you ever feel blue, sign into GW.. :)

Marjie..I didn't know you had twins..Oh you poor thing.. :)
Twin babies? Oh Lord, when do you find time to think?

God bless you, girl. How old are they?

Ha, your Sadie sounds like our dearly departed, Mastiff, Sam..Forget tennis balls..they lasted two seconds..when dh took Sam to the woods, Sam saw a cute dog playing w/his tennis ball. Sam ran over, stole his ball and chewed it to smithereens. The owner laughed, but his poor dog lost so many tennis balls because of Sam.
I bought a bag of tennis balls for the man, or rather his dog to replace those destroyed by Sam..lol.

I love Labs..How much does Sadie weigh?
Is she high-strung? I worked as an asst vet. When it was time to spay Black Labs, 'not so much neutering males,' the females needed extra sedation. Their breed was so much fun to work with..lol. j/k.
Labs are extremely intelligent, loyal AND beautiful..
After surgery, Labs couldn't wait to see mom, dad, brother or sister, ready to take them home. lol.

Yep, rubber rings last longest. Even w/love to chewy-teeth dogs, and mid-extra large breeds.
Sam had a rubber, U-shaped band called Pull & Tug..One toy he couldn't chew to pieces. lol.

Marjie, if you're serious about running away, I'll go along. As long as we can bring our pets, children and plants! We'd have to buy a couple buses though. More like five. lol.

Hey JoJo..wow, a chicken named Hawk hanging around you..You should go to YouTube, seach for chicken sounds..Wonder what Hawk would do?? lol.
How nice.
What a lucky chicken!!

AWWW, why are the other chickens pecking on her? Are they plucking her feathers?
Funny she hangs with the dogs..maybe she thinks she's a canine...lol
Poor kitty..wonder what's going through his mind??!!
I can imagine..no wonder he seeks a higher level. lol.

JoJo, only the best for our feathered/furred family, right?
Bet your zoo pets are as spoiled as ours..lol.
Don't blame you for investing in a jeep..Can you imagine trying to haul all that food in a Fiero? lol.

I don't know much about quail. How do they behave and what do they eat? Are they in or outdoors?

I remember you said you got a new turtle..how's he/she working out? I forgot, is he/she a water or land turtle?

3 dogs..wow! lol.
Does your gecko have an English accent like the commercial? lol.
The gecko commercial is one of a few I don't mind watching...makes me laugh.

JoJo, I know you addressed to Marjie, but I too bred Betas. Wasn't it amusing watching the male spitting a nest for babies? But, poor moms.

JoJo,, what type of plants are you looking for?

Wow, you wake before the roosters..lol..Toni

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lol~~ hopeful~~ oh no,, not twins for me!! no.. twins on the Amazing Race!! I didn't want them to win~~ and they didn't~~lol geeze, I could barely handle one daughter!! I don't think I could have done twins-- lol.

The under-dogs won!! Never under estemate them, they always seem to come out on top~~ except for us of course. /sigh

Sounds like you have a zoo there. Chickens in the house,, wow, can only imagin that one :)

The White Shadow on the back porch, was most likely born wild. Around here there are cats all over the place, and a lot are wild, but a few will make good pets, that is where mom gets most of her cats.lol

The porch is covered, and now somewhat closed in, so it is a haven for strays, and if there is a cat out there, yes, we do feed/water it/them. They love it when the dryer is on, they want to stay right under the vent~ lol.

Was thinking~~ maybe we should continue this on the "Party forum" or some place else~~ getting off subject some what but would love to continue to just chat.. :)

But I need to get going, mom has an eye appt~~ again, and she wants me to go with.

You all have a great day!

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Toni, my mom is 2 hours away. My hubbys work is 2 minutes from Father in laws. So unfortunately, no. Your not being nosey. Thanks for caring enough to make a suggestion. :)

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Marjie, oops, sorry about that! A big difference..sports vs children..especially twins..lol. Can you imagine women who have 6 or more at once??? OUCH!

What's the Party Forum???

Hope your mom's eye appt goes well.

Tiff..I see.
In the meantime, I hope you find someome to talk to..you always have us here on GW...hugs, Toni

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Thanks Toni. I have been trying to get out to activities with the kids. I found a gymnastics and cheerleading gym that has motor skill classes for toddlers and also has open gym for kids to come and play. It was great and i met a gal whose kids were same age as mine... Within a day actually, however, my kids have gotten real sick from this place twice now and this time around it is really bad. Going on 2 weeks and both have fluid in their ears. Doc said 50% chance this can turn to ear infection. Neither of them have wver been this sick. I also have a friend who was going there and her kids are also now sick too. But hers is projectile vomiting with fever. She is 20 months. Needless to say i am pissed and we wont be going there for a while. Oh, my youngest also got a bout of ringworm.... REALLY????
The gym is out. Gggrrrrrr.

So you all are stuck with me for a while. Heck, you all are stuck with me forever now!!!!!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Tiff,

Pls. excuse me for a quick cut in -- pls. call your local Heath Dept. & report this. If it's happening multiple times & w/ these kinds of consequences, it could be serious. Pls. DO CALL THEM ASAP!!

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hopeful, the Garden Party forum,, a place to just talk. Look on the list of forums, it should be in "red" so to see it better :) I've never posted there, but have visited, talk about anything!

Sadie-- humm not sure how much she weighs, been a while since we weighed her, last was 75 lbs, and she's filled out some since. Hyper?? lol,, oh yes. But she also knows when to settle down. She knows to be careful around my parents, tho sometimes she forgets and bolts in front of them, but very quicky falls in place, and i think she feels bad too when that happens.

Can NOT get her to HEAL tho, her daddy lets her pull the leash, and since he takes her out more than i do, it is hard for me to get her not to pull. I really need to spend more time with her on that, she was doing good at knowing who was walking her and what she could get away with... but then her mommy went lazy with it. Need to start over now..

running away with KIDS?? Thought that would be something to run away FROM!! LOL... pets are a must, and plants. Humm
sounds like it's more work than it is just to stay home-- lol

Mom's eye-- getting tired of this, now I have to put drops in it EVERY 2 HOURS!!! she is headed for another operation with it. all these stupid drops are doing is helping with the pressure, but it is also scratching up the lens. It is a pain for me. Even worse for her. But after the operation, (that should have been done with already) will stop all the drops, but the damage is already done to her lens, going to be blurry from now on. I have my own ideas of what happened, and the stupid doctors keep doing it, wont listen to me about it, they keep saying that didn't cause it, but it was all happening about the same time.

Sorry,, ranting,, im just pissed about it. Nobody is listening. I hate that, she's my mom, I live with her and I know what is going on. Even daddy won't listen, that buggs me the most.

Sorry again... I was not made to be a caregiver~~ that's mom..
Shuttin up now.. I will get on the Garden Party forum if you all want to continue this little chat.. feel like I am taking up space here-- lol

Thanks for letting me rant.
Marjie :)

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Tiff, that's terrible..It's great you met a friend, but your poor kids! To top off being ill, Ring Worm!!!

Too many parents allow sick children to attend public places including school..before you know it, everyone is ill.
I hope your children don't get ear infections..They're quite painful. Do they have tonsils?
Did the doctor give them antibiotics? Or eardrops?

Yep, we're stuck with you, hopefully for years to come. :)

Karen made a good point about calling the Health Dept. sounds like one too many children are getting sick. If you, your friend, and the gal you met at the park call, hopefully they'll step in.

Marjie...I'll have to check out Garden Party Forum. There's no red high-lighted forums on the forum page, however forums I visit are blue.

There's also Conversations, the flip-side of House Plants.
Discuss any subject..guess both forums are similiar??

I agree..Dogs sense when they do something wrong, then feel bad. They don't intentionally mean to do anything wrong, but sometimes they just get in trouble. lol.
Poor doggies.

Yep, that's the problem when two ppl take a dog out, try teaching them a certain way..
When Sam was a puppy, I'd walk him..make him stop at the curb to check for cars, etc..Then dh started taking him out. All the training went down the drain.
Try walking a 172 pound dog that won't listen..lol. After a certain point, I couldn't walk Sam. Afraid he'd see another dog, or whatever, knocking me to the ground.

One time, dh took Sam to the woods. One area is opened for family picnics, etc..
One large family were sitting, eating, relaxing. As soon as Sam jumped out of the jeep, he sniffed the air and took off running.
A little girl was eating..Sam ran over, stole her plate and ate the entire dish. lol.
I would have died of embarrassment if I'd been there..Thank God the people found it amusing...Some would have sued. Sam's size fascinated people, so he got away with many naughty deeds.

LOL, runninig away from the kids..I couldn't say that to anyone, Marjie, even if I agree..lol.

Running over every two hours is a burden, and puts a lot of strain on you.
But, what can you do?
Like you, I was NOT meant to be care-giver for my mother either!
Since you live w/her, 'didn't know that,' at least you don't have to drive to her place every two hours..

Most docs are idiots these days..They push new drugs that are more harmful than helpful. Especially if they have stock in 'X' drug.
Ever see commericals for meds and all the side effects?

Hopefully, after your mother has surgery things will be better..

Marjie, this is your thread. You can discuss anything you'd like, be it plants or 4th of July..lol.

You and your mom are in my prayers..hugs, Toni

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