Lawn going to seed.

biged968April 23, 2012

I have a few sections of my lawn that have gone to seed. It looks ugly, and I was wondering why this was happening. Each patch has about a 3-6 foot diameter. Is this a different type of grass that has grown in my lawn like a weed? What should I do with it? If I cut the lawn to 3 inches (what I normally do), I still see the blades of grass seeding, as the seeding starts lower than 3 inches.

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It's probably poa annua (annual bluegrass), not much you can do about it now, but if you mow it, you should bag it as the seeds are viable almost as soon as they appear. KBG can and does seed at this time of the year as well, but it is usually the whole lawn, and not as unsightly as poa annua.

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