Which comes first seed or feed ??

rtateApril 15, 2011

I will be maintaining my lawn for the first time this year so I am a rookie...

I want to overseed and I also want to apply a spring fertilzer, most likely Scott's Turfbuilder.

The lawn is mostly sun and has an irrigation system.

Temps right now are about 5-10 deg. C. in my area.

So my question is do I seed first and then fertilize

My concern is will the fertilizer harm the young seedlings..

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I am guessing you are in Canada since you posted your temps in Centigrade degrees. When you seed new turf you generally apply starter fertilizer, which is high in phosphorus, mainly for root development. Starter fertilizer is lower in nitrogen than most spring fertilizers. Personally I like to apply half the recommended amount of starter with the seed, and then the other half after the second mowing. I think this will work well for you, since it won't supply too much nitrogen too early to your existing grass. The second dose will coincide roughly around the time you should be applying your spring fertilizer.

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thanks tiemco...yes I am in Canada..
So seed and starter fertilizer together.
I was hoping to give the existing lawn a shot with high(30)
nitrogen, will this be a problem for the new seed

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It probably won't affect the seeds, but it is too cool to apply all that N right now. Most spring fertilizer drops in the northern portions of the US should be around the end of May. It is pretty cool where you are now, so all that nitrogen (if it's quick acting) will be somewhat of a waste. Nitrogen leaches out of the soil rather quickly with frequent rain and watering, plus the grass isn't growing fast enough to use it all anyway. Providing nitrogen is somewhat misunderstood by most people. Nitrogen forces growth, but forcing growth at the wrong times can have negative effects on your grass. Some would even say the spring feeding isn't really necessary since it can take away stored carbohydrates that grass needs to get through the summer. Since you are in Canada I imagine this is less of the case since your summers tend to be shorter and less severe. Here is a good little write up on grass physiology. Hope it helps.

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Thanks again, but I don't see the link to the write-up??

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