What is this in my lawn? Pictures inlcuded

BarnAnimals(7)April 20, 2012

I think I found the cause of my lawn issue today. I need help. See previous thread about why my half of my lawn still appears dormant and/or dead. I have attached two pictures. I found what looks like something hatched. It's a cotton ball material in several stages. It is everywhere I checked, but you really have to spread all of the (now dead) grass apart and get down to the soil. My lawn was very thick so it takes some work to get to the soil.

I found some examples that were just cotton ball material with a round hold in the center going down in to the earth. Like something had hatched and burrowed into the ground. I also found some that looked like very tiny pieces of white rice.

Maybe not related, but I also found some bigger dark brown things that looked like a tiny turd, same shape and size of a piece or rice. It could have been milorganite that had expanded or something.

I also found what looked like 20 or so tiny slugs. They were extremely small. They bunched up together covering an area no bigger than a pencil eraser. Each one was only about 1/4 millimeter wide and 2 millimeters long. Much smaller than any grub or web worm picture that I have seen online. They were off white, yellowish. I say they looked like slugs because I though I saw tiny antennas. I looked away for one moment to grab my camera and I could not find them again. I'm pretty sure they were slugs.

What is it?

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Wow. Got me. I recommend you copy & paste this post also to Pests & Diseases.

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I can't find anything on the web that looks like it. I hope it is something I can treat easily like grubs or webworms. But from the pictures on the internet, it doesn't look like grubs or webworms.

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I found this on a google search. This is exactly what I found in my lawn, as you can see in the picture. No clue how I missed this information over the years.

"Sod webworms are the larvae of lawn moths. These pests eat grass and dig tunnels in the soil. Their tunnels are lined with silk similar to a spider's web, which gives the larvae their name."

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

The easy cure for sod webworms is to use a product called BT Worm Killer. BT is a bacterial disease that only affects caterpillars. They stop feeding immediately upon getting the stuff on them. 2 days later they turn black and die. It's wonderful! Cheap stuff, too. One small bottle is a lifetime supply.

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