Attack of the Dandelions

kroman81April 17, 2012

Great web site and I appreciate all the knowledge everyone so readily gives.

I bought a house this winter and now we're discovering tons of dandelions in our front and backyard, while all of my neighbors have nice, weed free lawns.

not knowing at the time how horrible it works, I purchased weed and feed last week and things look worse than before. So I just applied a gallon of the weed be gone throughout the lawn (.2 acres) and hopefully the weeds will thin out by this weekend, which is when I'll increase the height of the lawn mower and mow the lawn.

I want to water my lawn (deep and infrequent, as per everyone's recommendations), but no one in my neighborhood does it, and their lawns seem to look okay. If I water my lawn, I'm afraid that I'll look like I'm watering the dandelions! Do my neighboors know something I don't?

I'm planning on fertilizing my lawn next month. By then, most of the weeds should be gone (btw, how much weed b gone should I be applying on the weeds).

I guess I just want to know if I'm doing the right things so far. I'm in the early stages of things and this is my first lawn.

Please advise and thank you everyone!

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Hey Kroman, where do you live? And what kind of grass do you have? I am in KS, with fescue grass, and I haven't started watering yet, so it may be early for your area too. Most years, I turn my sprinklers on towards the end of May or beginning of June, depending...

Experts will probably be along here to help you further, but I thought I would at least throw that out.

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Thank you for the follow up. I live just outside of Baltimore. No clue what kind of grass I's green. Hopefully that will narrow it down, lol.

We've had a mild winter and we actually 90 yesterday, so I think that the time is okay to start watering. It's just that no one in my neighborhood is doing it yet, but their lawn doesn't look as messed up as mine either.

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Mofo2713(North Dallas 7B)

You're going to need to post some more info than "green" if you want some help. Might be a good idea to post some pictures, the height of it, you could take a picture of some of the grass with a scale next to it so people can determine the kind you have.

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Here are some pics:

Hope his helps. The close ups of the "nice patches" are what I would eventually like my yard to look like.

There are mostly dandelions right now, but you'll see a whole variety of weeds all over the place. I'm thinking that I'll need more than spraying weed b gone to get this fixed. I'm planning on starting out with higher settings on the mower and weekly waterings.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Looks like fescue to me.

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Thanks. It seems like fescue is the most popular. I know that it's largely geographically dependent, but everyone seems to naturally have fescue.

24hours later, a lot of the dandelions are curling up. I take it that they are dying. It's raining now as well; would this have any effect (good or bad) on yesterday's weed b gone application?

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The rain shouldn't matter at this point... it looks like they were on the way out when you took those pictures. Weed B Gone is awesome that way.

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Also if you have time see if you can grab those seed heads and put them in a plastic bag before the wind distributes them tenfold all over your lawn. By next year it will be liek 100 times worse if you dont. Weed b gon is excellent but takes some time and in that time seeds can be spread. Just my 2 cents.

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