New plants, advice needed

marricgardensDecember 3, 2012

I went and bought 3 plants from the reduced table of HD. I think when plants quit flowering, they get shoved off onto this table and not really get looked after. The first one had finished flowering and I got it at half price. Since it was sending up pups I didn't think that was to bad. There were 2 on the table and now I'm kicking myself for not taking them both. This wasn't labeled but it looked like the Guzmania that were flowering. Since the flower is over, should I cut it off or let it die down naturally? What type of soil is best for these?

This one I believe to be some kind of sansevaria? I have never seen this type of coloration on them before.

Any advice on either of these? Marg

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

I dont have any advice as Im a newbie... But i LOVE your floors!!


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Hello and I must admit I was eyeballing the same bromeliads yesterdau at Lowes. I do not have a ton of experience with these, but I used to work at the Lowes garden center. As I understand it your main plant will die back and the pups will take over. Not sure beyond that on the best care. I believe you need to be careful with the watering as they are susceptible to root rot and will quickly die. They also need a high humidity.

I have the same sanseveria plant that you have. It is a pretty one. I bought it this past spring and have kept it in a small pot. It has grown so much with little care. It seems sans like root bound conditions and require minimal watering. Congratulations on your new plants!

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I saw some videos on You Tube about Bromelaids. Some things I learned were:
- don't let the soil dry out completely
- fertilize in smaller doses. I'm wondering about slow release fertilizer?
- they don't like direct sun, they prefer indirect light or shade or shady spots
- you can water in the leaf 'cups', just don't let the water stand there to long as that could encourage rot
- soil mix can be 1/2 mulch and 1/2 soil, the mulch helps anchor the plants as they have a small root system
- when repotting pups, don't plant to deep as it encourages rot, then stake up your plants

Nicoblue: do you know the sansevaria stay small or does it get to be tall like the snake plant?

Tiff: the flooring was just put in. Right now it's dirty because we are doing a lot of work sanding in the house and I decided to wait til we were done before I washed it! We bought it on sale at HD.

Thanks. Marg

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

"It seems sans like root bound conditions and require minimal watering." Sans will stay alive indefinitely like this, but given ample room for roots to roam, plenty of sun and warmth, they can grow quickly. While growing quickly, they do get as thirsty as any other plant. Not all Sans are the same regarding their potential growth rate, of course, but there's no reason to assume one's Sans is a slow grower. Sans found at BBS are, by nature, almost certain to be fast growers chosen by the growers so they can produce high numbers of plants in a short amount of time. I think yours may be this Gold Hahni from EA. I didn't see any pics of tall ones when I googled. Looks like it stays short but should make lots of pups on the side. During the winter the minimal watering definitely comes into play.

You can see some pics and read about the antics of some of my Sans on this and this discussion.

I don't know anything about Bromeliads but the flower still looks pretty to me. What's the little plant behind the Bromeliad? Some kind of Dracaena? Also part of an interesting-looking leaf to the left of the Sans...

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Thanks for the info Purple. The flower is all dried out but the one on the flowering plants they had was a rich burgundy color. The plant behind the Bromelaid is a Clivia Miniata. The plant beside the sans is Pepperomia L.L. Green.

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