i wish to buy them all , Pachira at IKEA

khourshedDecember 24, 2012

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I love Pachira!
A vigorous plant with gigantic foliage, Pachira requires a lot of light and space! :-D
If anyone does purchase a Pachira, squeeze the base of each trunk to make sure that it is firm.
When home, poke a wooden kabob skewer or similar stick into the container, and use this to show
you when the lower layers of the mix have actually begun to dry. Carefully monitor the watering
this Winter, then re-pot into a suitable free-draining mix from late Spring to mid-Summer (generally) -
during the prime growing season, recovery after re-potting will be much faster.

This plant can also be propagated from single leaves, in addition to the thicker tip-cuttings.
If healthy leaves are knocked off a plant for some reason, just stick them into a cup of potting mix,
set them on a windowshill, and wait a few months to see if any roots develop.


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Howdy.. Are you thinking about buying every Pachira, literally???
Or are you expression aloud?

If you're serious, I hope you have a LOT of room and sun.. lol.

If you don't mind muliples of duplicate plants, there's no problem, but if you care to experiement with other types, several Pachira's will take space where other varieties would otherwise be wintered.

Pachira's are handsome, so I understand your interest. I myself have two, 'braided & standard,' but they're kept on the small side by under-potting and little fertilizer.

So, are you serious about adopting the whole sha-bang?

Hey Josh...Toni

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no i am not serious at all , it is expression to show how much i love this plant

the instruction which comes with those puppies is to feed them every 21 day

Already i have two of them and i feed them every 20 -25 day so far so good i feel sorry though cause the soil shrank in a funny way due to lake of water

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

"i feel sorry though cause the soil shrank in a funny way due to lake of water"

I believe that indicates a high peat content & will continue to happen. This is likely what we refer to as the mix becoming hardened off & difficult to re-wet. Changing to a mix without peat should improve this issue.

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flickr does not show my photo right and i cannot edit my post so here is the photo one more time

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They might look cute now but you'll have to separate them otherwise they will girdle each other as they mature.

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