Cutting in clear containers

esox07December 11, 2011

I some cuttings from a Wandering Jew in the bottom half of a 2 liter soda bottle. I cut the top off and then use it as a dome. My question is: Is it OK to grow the cuttings in the clear container or will that affect the roots as they spread out and reach the edges of the container where they are exposed to the sunlight?

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Sorry, the plants are not Wandering Jew but Purple Heart...I dont think that really matters however.

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dellis326 (Danny)

It might but it isn't Likely to make any difference. If you keep it growing in a jar of water for a long time, most likely you'll just get algea growing on the roots and jar which also probably won't make a difference to the plant.

If you're just rooting it and then plan to transfer it to soil then it won't be there long enough for sun hitting the roots to ever be a problem other then too much heat but these plants would do best in indirect lighting anyways.

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